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Post by Lucian on Mon Mar 23, 2009 8:10 pm

IRC Nickname: Lucian
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): Variants of Above

Character Name: Colonel Luciana "Lucy" Testarossa
Original Dimension: Full Metal Panic

Race: Human ('Whispered')
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 105
Likes: Technology, military, making toys, reading, swimming, piloting
Dislikes: "Dirty" warfare
Favorite Food: Spumoni
Least Favorite Food: Borscht
Level of Education: Multiple Ph.D's

Physical Description:

Lucy tends to wear comfortable european clothes when she's not on duty. She has a variety of military uniforms and special duty uniforms to fit various needs. Her AS, Alastor, and Bonta-kunchan are silver. Bonta-kun has a teal green bow.

Powers and Special Abilities:

--- Whispered

Lucy is a Whispered. As such, she is well beyond genius-level in regards to science, computers, mathematics, and tactics. Supplementing this, she has trained herself to be able to take in information rapidly and reference it as needed, all while processing information, strategizing, and fighting.

Whispered have a limited ability to communicate with others of their kind through a means of "mental merging", which caries a danger of losing oneself in the other's mind.

--- Physical Training

Lucy has trained herself to a high level of human performance and endurance. She is on par with the likes of Melissa Mao, Sagara Sousuke, and Ben Clousseau.

--- Martial Skills

Lucy is an experienced military officer, even at her young age. She has been trained in various forms of military combat, ranging from close quarters to handguns to rifles and ordinance. She's an accomplished pilot of both small and large military mecha units, and personally field-tests all of her designs. Her studies have led her to take in military tactics and strategy both at the command level and in the field.

--- Science Skills

First and foremost, however, Lucy is a scientist. Due to her abilities as a Whispered, she has an innate grasp of science and engineering. Even aside from the advanced scientific knowledge she gains from the Whispers, she has studied computer science, physics, chemistry and electronics. As a hobby, she's studied history and geography, two subjects which deeply interest her as they help provide an understanding of certain situations she encounters in the field.

Weapons and Gear:

--- Personal Antipersonnel Lambda Driver Induction Network (PALADIN System)

The PALADIN system is, quite simply, a Lambda Driver built on a personal scale. It is horribly unreliable, as it still requires a strong-willed user. Its power supply is also limited, experimental, and unstable. Over time, Lucy will refine the system, but it is still limited in the same ways that a full-scale Lambda Driver system is.

--- Hasebe

The Hasebe unit is, effectively, an optimized Alastor frame rebuilt for use as a powered armor suit. It contains a pair of railgun rifles, and has a flight system as well as enhanced jumpjets. It also has an ECS stealth system and a PALADIN Lambda Driver.

--- Bonta-kunchan

The "outer shell" which can be attached to a Hasebe armor suit, Bonta-chan is an enhanced tactical platform disguised as a cute female version of Bonta-kun. It has a full sensor module. The rear bow can expand into wings for sustained flight.

--- ARX-12 Mjolnir

This is Lucy's Arm Slave. She personally developed its AI and weapon systems as an upgrade to previous ARX/Arbalest-class Arm Slaves. It has two high-frequency daggers, a pair of AS-sized railgun pistols, and a longer-range railgun rifle. It also has a full Lambda Drive system, flight capabilities, and ECS. The enhanced muscle packs have a longer usable life, allowing for more time between pack replacement cycles.

--- Lambda Driver

The Lambda Driver system is a dual-purpose offensive and defensive system. It creates a field around the user, which reduces damage taken. The same effect also enhances the damage output of the weapons fired from the user, and can create "shockwave"-type effects, pulses of compressed space.

--- Electronic Conceal System (ECS)

The ECS creates a spectral cloak around the user, hiding it from visual or energy signature detection. It does not prevent noise, however. It draws a significant amount of power, such that it can't be used while firing weapons. Its primary purpose is to allow the user to get into a covert tactical position before striking, then escaping.


Lucy is a normal human, and susceptible to anything that can kill a normal human. Beyond that, however... when Black Technology memories surface in her, she can tense up, lock up, or even pass out completely.


Luciana "Lucy" Testarossa is the daughter of the infamous renegate mercenary and scientist Leonard "Mr. Silver" Testarossa. Her mother (whose identity is still unrevealed) took her as an infant and brought her to Leonard's sister, Teressa ("Tessa"). Tessa adopted Lucy and raised her as her own. Lucy proved to be just as prodigious as her father and adopted mother; at an early age she was credited for several major inventions in the field of AI, robotics, and electronics.

A rather adventurous early life led to an early military career with the anti-terrorist private military company known as "Mithril". She rose quickly through the ranks after displaying strong tenacity, leadership, and military skill. She would have accepted a posting to a newly-commissioned stealth submarine, except that a new opportunity came up: an experimental accident enabled dimensional communication. Mithril had made contact with the Marshalship. Lucy's new posting is as a liaison officer with the new organization, representing Mithril and the free countries of her Earth.

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