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Post by Forte on Tue Mar 24, 2009 11:14 pm

IRC Nickname: Wall-E

Character Name: Masato Niigo
Original Dimension (this should refer to anime/TV show/movie/etc your character is from, if they are an original based in that world or an established from that world): Original World thats alot like our world and comes from Planet Earth that is much like the Osamu Tezuka world where robotics have gone to great advanced lengths.

Race: Humanoid (Robot)
Age: Looks 18
Sex: Male
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 450lbs (Because of his robotic body, he weighs a lot, but still looks quite normal)
Likes: Fighting robots (both giant and regular sized), fighting invading alien monsters, flying, popcicles, astronomy, singing
Dislikes: Tune ups that take longer than they should, being grounded (Not able to fly)

Physical Description (Or picture): Masato is a robot designed to look human, to act as human as possible to act as a decent representative between human and robots. However because of his spartan like programming to fight and defend..he developed a very brash nature. Despite this, his robotic metallic frame is surrounded by synthetic skin, hair, and he has ocular orbs that give him a very human like appearance. However, since he doesn't need to breathe it looks like he is always holding his breath. Normally wears jeans and a t-shirt for clothes.

Powers and Special Abilities:
Because Masato is a robot made specifically to defend Tokyo against anything and everything, he was given abilities to help police the city and defend it against small to large scale crimes.

Strength Equal to 100,000 Horsepower
Ability to fly using jets in his legs
Telescopic vision and hearing, illuminated eyesight to see in the dark and underwater
His robotic skeleton and outer shell is incredibly durable and can withstand shots from a bullet and other blunt forces.
Can translate over 60 languages and can easily learn other languages
Has an electronic Heart that can discern the evil intentions in someone.

Being a robot, Masato really can't consume any food. However, his unique system he is able to process water in his body and turn it into a coolant for his core. So because of that, he is able to eat only one thing: Popsicle...and he loves them to death.

Since he doesn't need to breathe, he can survive the vacuum of space, along with that and his durable alloy he can survive the extreme pressures of lower earth reentry.

Weapons and Gear:
Has a very basic but powerful weapon system:
Lasergun Fingertips
Right Arm can transform into a laser cannon
Left Arm can transform into a machine gun

He isn't self repairing at all whatsoever. He needs someone to fix him up and repair him when he gets severely damaged.
EMP Blasts will cause him to lock up and shut down.
He is durable agaisnt bullets and various types of blunt force, but high powered lasers, missiles, pretty much anything made to destroy war machines can take him down.
He is bound by the laws of robotics to a certain extent as he is made to protect and fight humanity
1. Isn't allowed to harm a human being, unless said human being attacks or makes audio threat to destroy and kill with malicious intent
2. He must obey and follow the orders of his designated handler, except where such orders would conflict with first law.
3. He must protect himself as long as such protection does not conflict with the first to laws.

Background (Please keep this semi-short):

Masato was created in a joint project between the Japan SDF and the famous robotics scientist and engineer Dr. Ryuuji Ando. As the boom of advanced robotics increased, more and more high tech weaponry was made. And such weaponry was easily obtainable in the hands of criminals and terrorists. Large scale robots and killing machines were built and used in crimes and various acts of destruction. The first Masato unit was made to handle the small time crimes and things that threatened the city. He did the job well, however because of his emotionless nature and inhuman like design he was viewed as a rbotic threat by the public and he caused more fear. The second model was made to look human, and was given a learning and advanced AI system so he would act more human than robotic. He was also given a more durable body and advanced weapons to handle larger scale know incase aliens and monsters attack. One day, CoRe approached Dr. Ando and a deal was made to make Masato an official weapon of the Marshalship and he will report under active duty to aid and assist on ships within the Marshalship.

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