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Post by NatsumeAtsuko on Wed Mar 25, 2009 7:09 pm

IRC Nickname: Natsume`Atsuko
Alternate IRC Nickname(s):

Character Name: Aerith Gainsborough
Original Dimension: FF7

Race: Cetra
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 110lbs
Likes: Flowers
Dislikes: People who step on her flowers, it's rude... no pun intended.

Physical Description (Or picture): It's Aerith.

Powers and Special Abilities:
She is the last known remaining being with Cetra blood. As such she has
several unusual abilities. She can feel/hear the words of the planet and
see/communicate with the dead/souls. She is also somewhat of an empath.
Aerith has several limit breaks, or special attacks that can be used at the
battle progresses. They are as follows:

Level 1
Healing Wind
Restores half of the total HP to the entire party.
Seal Evil
Casts the silence and stop statuses temporarily on opponents.

Level 2
Breath of the Earth
Clears bad status alignments cast upon the party.
Fury Brand
While sacrificing her own limit, Aeris grants the two other party members a

full limit gauge and the Fury status.

Level 3
Planet Protector
Temporarily makes the party invincible
Pulse of Life
Fully restores the party's HP and cures bad status alignments.

Level 4
Great Gospel
Aeris' final and ultimate limit break fully restores HP, clears status

ailments, and makes the party invincible for a short time>

Weapons and Gear:
Master Green Materia
Ice: Ice, Ice2, Ice3
Lightning: Bolt, Bolt2, Bolt3
Restore: Cure, Cure2, Regen, Cure3
Fire: Fire, Fire2, Fire3
Poison: Bio, Bio2, Bio3
Earth: Quake, Quake2, Quake3
Heal: Poisona, Esuna, Resist
Revive: Life1, Life2
Seal: Sleep, Silence
Transform: Mini, Toad
Mystify: Confu, Berserk
Time: Haste, Slow, Stop
Gravity: Demi, Demi2, Demi3
Destruct: DeBarrier, DeSpell, Death
Barrier: Barrier, MBarrier, Reflect, Wall
Exit: Escape, Remove
Comet: Comet, Comet2
Full Cure: Full Cure
Contain: Freeze, Break, Tornado, Flare
Ultima: Ultima
Shield: Shield
White Materia: Holy

Background (Please keep this semi-short - the best way to find out about a
character is through roleplay):
At the beginning of time... The Cetra, a nomadic magical race which may or
may not have originated on the Planet, settle after a long and arduous
journey. Some Cetra (later known as Ancients) choose to continue their
journey, whilst others settle down and eventually become humans. A few true
Cetra still survive, however. 2,000 years ago... Jenova, a malevolent
creature, crash-lands on the planet and causes a huge rift, the Northern
Crater. Jenova infects the Cetra with a virus, turning them into monsters.
Most of the remaining Cetra are slaughtered as the humans hide out in their
new settlements, avoiding the terror. The Planet creates five Weapons to
battle Jenova, but they are never used. A small number of surviving Cetra
succeed in containing her in the Northern Crater. The Planet begins to heal
itself using its life energy. (It never fully recovers.)

Long Afterwards... The Shinra Corporation emerges as the leading energy
company in the world. They use Mako energy, which is drawn from the bowels of
the earth. Mako is also known as Lifestream, a spirit force which is shared
by the planet and everyone living on it. Condensed Mako, known as Materia,
draws a high market for its magical properties. Eventually Shinra diversifies
into military, political, urban development, scientific, astronomical, and
communications departments. The Turks are formed as an offshoot of Shinra;
they carry out less desirable missions like kidnapping and assassinations.
They are led by a man named Tseng, and his second- and third-in-commands are
Reno and Rude. Around the same time... The peaceful tribe living in Cosmo
Canyon is attacked by the violent Gi tribe. Seto, a wolf-like creature,
protects the Canyon by going through a secret passage, and succeeds in
holding off the Gi tribe, but in the end is pierced by their petrifying
arrows and turns to stone. The Canyon tribe, including Seto's son, Nanaki,
believes Seto turned tail and fled. Only Seto's father-in-law, Bugenhagen,
knows the truth. a few years later... Professor Gast, Shinra's leading
scientist, heads a team including a young man named Hojo, a woman named
Lucrecia, and a Turk named Vincent, into the Nibelheim Mountains. Gast
excavates the body of Jenova, whom he believes to be an Ancient, and sets up
his research lab in the Shinra Mansion in the nearby town. Vincent falls for
Lucrecia, but he also sees that she is in love with Hojo, and resigns himself
to that fate.

1-2 years later... Lucrecia's son is born and given the name Sephiroth. He is
not told his true origins, however, instead being told that his mother, named
Jenova, died giving birth to him. When Vincent discovers that Sephiroth is a
result of Hojo having injected Lucrecia's yet-unborn baby with Jenova's DNA,
Vincent loses it and confronts Hojo. Hojo incapacitates Vincent and conducts
an operation on him, turning him into an unstable, mutated form capable of
mutating further when angered. In disgrace, Vincent enters a coffin in the
Shinra Mansion and falls into a deep sleep. Right after... Dr. Gast also
flees Hojo and runs to Icicle Inn, where he discovers a Cetra named Ifalna.
He videotapes his conversations with her, and eventually falls in love with
her. They have a child they call Aeris. However, Hojo storms the place and
attempts to take Ifalna and Aeris. Dr. Gast is killed trying to protect them,
and they are captured by Hojo. Ifalna somehow manages to take Aeris and
escape Hojo's grasp. She makes it to the Midgar Sector 7 Train Station, half
-dead. She is discovered by a woman named Elmyra, who promises to take care
of Aeris. Ifalna gives Aeris the White Materia, a legendary stone which has
the power to call the Holy spell if the need should arise. However, since the
procedure for doing so is complicated, Aeris believes the Materia was only
used as a good luck token. around the same time... Shinra's military wing
proceeds to declare war on Wutai, an Oriental village. They are eventually
victorious, and its leader Godo humbled. Eventually Wutai loses its martial
status and becomes a tourist attraction. Cid Highwind, creator of the Tiny
Bronco biplane, is given the go-ahead by Shinra to launch a space rocket from
his home town. Having looked forward to this time for ages, his excitement is
mounting when his assistant, Shera, discovers a malfunction in an energy
tank. She refuses to leave the soon-to-be-burning-hot chamber, and Cid forces
himself to shut the rocket down before it can ignite. Shera refuses to
forgive herself for destroying Cid's dream, and Shera lives with him in
penance from then on, acting as a servant.

Some time later... Hojo furthers his experiment with cells from the body of
Jenova, which he has excavated. He experiments with infusing soldiers with
Jenova cells; the resultant person has abilities far beyond normal, easily
seen by the glow in the person's eye. Thus is formed SOLDIER, Shinra's elite
force. Sephiroth is introduced into SOLDIER and quickly rises in the ranks.
He is monitored continuously and shows promise far beyond anyone else's in
SOLDIER. Lucrecia hides herself out of fear that the cells inside her will
turn her into a menace. Aeris begins to show a strange talent; for instance,
she is able to sense the death of Elmyra's husband out at war with Wutai
before Elmyra actually gets word of it. Eventually she gathers the interest
of the Turks, as commanded by Hojo, who try many times to capture Aeris, but
she eludes them. Aeris takes up a job as a flower girl in the Midgar slums.

And the rest they say.. is learned through interaction.


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