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Post by NatsumeAtsuko on Wed Mar 25, 2009 7:14 pm

IRC Nickname: Natsume`Atsuko
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): I-No

Character Name: Iczer Nova
Original Dimension: Unknown

Race: Bio-synthetic Battle Android
Age: Unknown
Sex: Female
Height: 5'
Weight: 150lbs
Likes: Her bonded
Dislikes: Splugorth

Physical Description (Or picture): Picture avail. Short, long pink hair with a don't you dare call it cotton candy attitude!

Powers and Special Abilities:

Energy Expulsion - the ability to fire energy bolts from her hands. The range it just over 2600ft for accuracy.

Energy swords: the ability to generate swords of pure energy. Powered by the Iczerno energy source. The range on this is melee or up to 50 ft if thrown.

Energy form: This unique to Nova ability allows her to change into a being of pure energy. This energy form allows her to travel at speeds up to 4 light years per hour (2,682,466,520/mph). While on a planet or in a smaller area the character has near instantaneous teleportation. In space, she can remain in this form for up to 1 week before needing rest. On planet, the effective teleport range is 100 miles.

Barrier shield: Using this power an Iczer can create an invisible Barrier shield, this field forms as a bubble around the Iczer and anyone that she may be carrying. The barrier lasts for about 16 minutes of combat and another can be erected the instant the previous one is depleted. It is centered on the Iczer with a diameter 1' greater than her height.

Dimensional Teleport: To and from D-Subspace at will. She can carry herself and her bonded with her. This is so that they can continue the fight no matter what dimension.

Life Support: Does not need to eat or breathe to survive. She does require a minimum of 4 hours of sleep per week and must sleep in order to regenerate serious damage.

Flight: Iczers have the ability to fly, this is an asset, because it is not always prudent to shift into the Energy form to move about. This is especially true in most combat situations. The Iczer can accelerate from 0 tn 700 mph in one attack (Note: Mach 1 is 717/mph). Max speed is Mach 8 in atmosphere and Mach 14 in space.

Regeneration: Iczers regenerate any damage less than serious at a very fast rate. Any damage that is serious or more requires sleep to heal.

Synchronization: The ability for an Iczer and another being to form a bond allowing the Iczer to draw on the emotional strength of the Bond mate (or Partner) to increase her abilities. This is a temporary boost to her normal powers, lasting for appx 1 hour once done. The bond mate must actively do this, typically during combat, for the bonuses to occur. Consider it a powered up state for the duration of the boosting.

Bond mate bracelet: This is an item given to the bond mate to ensure that she/he has a degree of protection until her Iczer can arrive to protect her/him.

-Energy expulsion: Same as above except the range is 900ft for accuracy.
-Barrier Shield: Using this power an Iczer's partner can create an invisible Barrier shield, this field forms as a bubble around him or her and anyone that he or she may be carrying. Duration is 16 minutes, a new one can be erected the instant the previous one is depleted. Same radius of protection.
-Telepathic link: In addition to the bracelet a telepathic link forms between an Iczer and her partner, this link has no range and will span dimensions. This link is created so that the partner can call on his or her bond mate if needed or the other way around if need be.

Weapons and Gear: She is the weapon.

Updated History: Due to a tragic turn of events Nova's bonded perished during a heated battle against Reven's forces. The final gift of her partner has kept her pysche intact. Meanwhile, she continues to honor her partner's wishes and align herself with the crew of the Blaze of Glory.


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Post by LocheEric on Wed Mar 25, 2009 9:53 pm

Approved as a non-combat character, for now.


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