Charlotte Yeager's Transfer

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Charlotte Yeager's Transfer Empty Charlotte Yeager's Transfer

Post by Horo on Sat Mar 28, 2009 2:10 pm

*** Hand written letter to the people aboard the BoG ***

Hey guys,
This is pretty sudden, but looks like the Liberion and 501st Brass are looking to get me home as my six months are up here on the Gatekeeper. Can't really say no to this as they're looking forward to what I have to report back. I'm sure Sanya will be taking over, or they might even send another Liason officer from the Witch Cadre, who knows. Either way, I'll miss you guys. I'll see if I can't secure leave sometime in the future to come visit you guys again. So good luck and keep yourselves out of trouble.

Cpt. Charlotte E Yeager
LAAF 8th Air Force, 357th Fighter Group, 363d Witch Squadron

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