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Post by Nerem on Sat Mar 28, 2009 11:00 pm

IRC Nickname: Neremworld
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): Nerem

Character Name: Souji Seta
Original Dimension (this should refer to anime/TV show/movie/etc your character is from if they are an original based in that world or an established from that world): Persona 4

Race: Human
Age: ~17
Sex: Male
Height: 6'1
Weight: 130?
Likes: Reading, TV
Dislikes: Asshole teachers

Physical Description (Or picture):
Souji Seta Persona4maincharacter

Powers and Special Abilities:
He has the ability to summon Persona - a "mask" for an individual to endure and face hardships. They give him new strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and even change his physical attributes.

His Persona are currently:
Short desc of powers: Knows Lightning magic and a single-hit physical strike, plus attack buffs and debuffs
Strengths: Resists Electricity-based attacks, and is immune to unholy/death attacks. Weak to wind-based attacks.
Zionga (medium-power lightning spell, single-target)
Mazionga (medium-power lightning spell, group-target)
Assault Dive (Medium-powered physical strike, single-target)
Rakukaja (Magically armors a single target for several minutes, decreasing the damage attacks deal to them. Works on psychic, magic, as well as physical attacks.)
Tarukaja (Magically increases the damage of a single target's attacks for several minutes. Works on psychic, magic, as well as physical attacks.)
Rakunda (Magically increases the damage a single target TAKES for several minutes by causing injuries to be somewhat worse then the attack should have done. Cuts will bleed more, and will be a bit bigger then they should have been, or an example. Works on psychic, magic, as well as physical attacks.)

Nigi Mitama:


Short desc of powers:(Knows healing spells and status healing spells, and short-teleport Souji and surrounding friends away from a fight)
Strengths and weaknesses: Weak to Electricity-based attacks, immune to wind-based attacks.

Diarama (Moderate-strength one-target healing spell.)
Media (Low-strength group-healing spell with good range)
Me Patra (Soothes entire groups of people of artifically induced rage, confusion, and fear)
Re Patra (Stablizes a group's mind, so that they are no longer dizzied or disoriented from an attack, and are able to get back to their feet easier)
Traestro (Teleports the group Souji is with to a designated safe location)
Invigorate 2 (while this Persona is being used, Souji's magical energy reserves rebuild themselves)
Growth (This Persona will gain some of the power gained by the dominant Persona while it is inactive)
Evil Touch: (Can magically instill fear into the weak-willed and mindless)
Recarm: (Powerful, short-range healing spell that can even bring someone back from the brink of death)

Short desc of powers: Can cast light and darkness spells to groups of enemies, and group-attack physical strikes
Strengths and weaknesses: Weak to fire-based attacks, and will REFLECT death energy/unholy magic.
Mamudo (Medium-power group-targetted Darkness spell.)
Mahama (Medium-power group-targetted Light spell)
Mudo Boost (Increases the power of all Darkness-based abilities)
Survive Light (Will resist being killed by light-based attacks with a 50% chance)
Auto-Sukukaja (is always enhanced with a spell that increases accuracy and the ability to evade attacks)
Invigorate 1 (while this Persona is being used, Souji's magical energy reserves slowly rebuild themselves)
Short desc of powers:(Physical attacks to the max, group and single-targets, plus slight healing power)
Weaknesses and strengths: Strong against physical damage, weak against ice-based magic.
Power Charge (Increases the power of his next physical strike by more then two-fold)
Brain Shake (Low-powered physical strike that can sap the foe's energy, leaving them exhausted. Three-hit combo. Hits one target.)
Counter (Has a low chance of reflecting physical attacks back onto the attacker)
Dodge Physical (Has a much increased ability to dodge physical strikes outright.)
Double Fangs (Low-powered physical strike. Two-hit combo. Hits one target.)
Dia (Low-powered healing spell)
Gale Slash (Low-powered physical attack that hits a group of foes)
Auto-Tarukaja (is permanently enhanced with the damage-increasing spell, Tarukaja)

Black Frost:
Short desc of powers: (Magical juggernaut. Extremely powerful fire attacks and strong ice attacks
Strengths and weaknesses: Is healed by fire and ice magic, and reflects death/unholy/darkness magic back on their user.
Maragion: (Medium-power multi-target fire spell)
Agidyne: (High-powered single-target fire spell)
Bufula (Medium-power single-target ice spell)
Mabufu (Low-power single-target ice spell)
Ice boost (Increases the attack power of ice spells)
Fire Amp (Greatly increases the attack power of fire spells)
Mudoon (High-powered single-target Darkness/unholy spell)
Mind Charge (Increases the magical damage of the next spell by more then two-fold)

Short desc of powers:(Physical tank with the ability to take a lot of damage and resist physical damage and ignore fire entirely. Strong physical attacks too of all sorts.)
Strengths and weaknesses: Strong against physical attacks, immune to fire-based attacks
Power Charge (Increases the power of his next physical strike by more then two-fold)
Counter (Has a low chance of reflecting physical attacks back onto the attacker)
Cruel Attack (Medium-powered single-target physical attack that cruelly crushed prone foes into the ground for extra damage)
Posuumudi (Heals poisoned ally)
Mahama (Low-damage Light-based spell. Multi-target)
Atom Smasher (Does medium physical damage to a group of foes. 2 hit combo, can instill fear in the weak-willed and mindless)
Resist Physical (Reduces physical damage even moreso)
Endure (can endure a single, other-wise fatal attack every few hours/once a day)

Weapons and Gear:
He wears light armor under his clothing so as to be less noticable - in this case, kevlar bodyarmor and such. He also wields the Gaia Sword, a magical unbreakable two-handed sword. Unlike the game origin, likely won't be able to inflict status ailments with a slash.

Changes with his Persona - though generally, he has to use his Persona to cast any of his magic or use anything other then his sword.

Background: An urban youth who moved to a rural town because his parents moved out of country for a year. Soon, he is caught up in a murder mystery, and gains the power of Persona in order to help him with his quest.


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