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Post by Captain_Tylor on Sat Apr 18, 2009 3:20 pm

Note! (Directly pilled from mIRC Logs)

oh yeah, yay or nay on that character request?
my interweb has been unreliable and my logs corrupted
We decided yay!
Needs a bit of setup - feel free to add a note on character sheet that it's been specifically approved and on what basis so people don't give you shit
You mind if I just cut and paste this bit of text from the message?

IRC Nickname: Captain_Tylor
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): GLaDOS

Character Name: Leon D.S. Geeste
Original Dimension: Star Ocean (The Second Story/Blue Sphere specifically)

Race: Born on Expel, possibly Felpool, its one of the less important mysteries of the game
Age: 13
Sex: Male
Height: 4'5
Weight: 79lbs
Likes: Carrot Juice, Reading, People acknowledging he's smarter than them, being right, playing his violin
Dislikes: Arena Combat, boats,

Physical Description (Or picture): http://www.rpgamer.com/games/socean/so2/artwork/leon.jpg

Powers and Special Abilities:

Spells -
Ice Needle
MP: 2
Fires a shard of ice at an enemy. Water-elemental.

MP: 4
Leon summons a demon from the target's shadow to attack it. Strangely, it seems to miss a lot, or get blocked, and the damage isn't all that great. Dark-elemental.

Shadow Bolt
MP: 7
Calls into being a flurry of black electrical-type bolts to damage a single enemy. Dark- elemental.

Acid Rain
MP: 7
Lowers the defense of all enemies. Too bad it doesn't do any damage... Only an okay spell. Water-elemental.

Deep Mist
MP: 11
This spell creates a deep mist that obscurs vision.

Black Saber
MP: 14
Causes a blade of darkness to woosh along the ground and hit targets in front of it. Dark-elemental.

Deep Freeze
MP: 15
Shards of ice assault the enemy. Water-elemental.

Word of Death
MP: 18
Will supposedly kill an enemy instantly, provided they don't resist which, given the nature of this spell, they do fairly often.

MP: 18 Level: 32
Throws a protective barrier over someone to lessen damge done to them.

MP: 10 Level: 34
Attacks everything on the screen for a couple hundred points of damage. Star-elemental.

MP: 18 Level: 36
Slows down a single enemy. It's an okay spell, but I find it easier to speed up your own party members with Haste since Haste doesn't miss.

Shadow Flare
MP: 32 Level: 39
Creates large explosions of, I guess, shadow. Leon's first really high-powered spell. Hits all enemies for several thousand if your magic is good. Dark-elemental.

MP: 20 Level: 42
Speeds up the movement rate of a single ally.

MP: 22 Level: 50
Raises attack power by causing the target to double in size
MP: 35 Level: 54
The most powerful water magic. A large flood sweeps away everything for moderate to heavy damage, depending on your magic stat. Water-elemental.

Gremlin Lair
MP: 26 Level: 60
Summons a Gremlin, which throws a whole bunch of energy sickles around the screen and then bites each enemy a couple of times for more damage. In other words, a multi-hit spell. Enemies closer to Leon get hit for more damage, since the energy sickles emnate from near him. Void- elemental.

Daemon's Gate
MP: 37 Level: 66
Summons a Daemon who blasts all the enemies on the screen for 5 to 6000 damage. Void-elemental.

Dark Circle
MP: 65 Level: 78
Sucks in enemies with less than 1/4 max HP, killing them instantly. The downside of course is that the enemies already have to be weak in order for this spell to work.

Originality - Used in Metalsmith and Weapon customization
Dexterity - Used in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Creating and Machining
Sense of Design - Used for Painting
Writing Ability - Used to write books
Pitch - Used for Musical Tallent
The Blessing of Mana - Needed to cast spells and work with alchemy

Weapons and Gear:
Several magical texts, Lezard's Flask, Erlenmeyer Flask, Text Software

Huge ego which leads to Leon being easily manipulated, also little real world experience outside of his travels in Expel and Energy Neede. Leon also has a hard time saying no to girls.

Background (Please keep this semi-short):
A child prodigy and likely the best brain Lacour has to offer at the young age of twelve, Leon has something of a large ego. Though this was diminished greatly in his travelings with Claude and the others, he's still very much aware of his own capabilities. He knows he's smart and can be stubborn if it comes to mentioning he's wrong about something. He picks up on skills easily, and is knowledgeable in the fields of both magic and machinery.

Durring the Sorcery globe incident, Leon created the Light of Lacour, which was a magic weapon that could eradicate armies, but, was manipulated to bringing it to where its power supply could be stolen for a device that would ram Expel into the barrier of Energy Neede, destroying the planet. In this maneuver, the boat the weapons was being transported on was sunk and his parents killed. On Neede, with the group, those responsible for the destruction of Expel were killed, and all those lives lost in the planet's death throes and right before it returned to life, however, Leon felt responsible for the death of the planet and left to study on Earth so such a thing wouldn't happen again. Where Leon studied high end technology (specifically Warp theory and antimatter physics) and was accepted into the Earth academy while living with Claude's parents.

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