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Post by Makaze on Sat May 02, 2009 5:02 am

IRC Nickname: Makaze
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): Dave`Sleep, Makaze`Sleep

Character Name:Ryuji Jintara (refuses to answer to his full name, is somewhat embarrassed by it)

Original Dimension: Amirtas (Inhabited moon within CoRe space)

Race: Rashan
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Height: 5'4
Weight: 120
Likes: Terran soul/funk music, Spicy food, studying infantry weaponry and power armor, tinkering
Dislikes: Long winded explanations, being frustrated, his horns being messed with.

Physical Description (Or picture):
https://2img.net/h/i2.photobucket.com/albums/y5/Makaze/Male%20Humanoids/Ryuji.jpg (Pic in rework)


Mechanical Aptitude: Not god's gift to mechanics, but he does know enough to be useful in the hangar, mainly focused his studies on small armor use, both assault mecha(mainly weapons Calibration and load outs), and power armor(maintenance, which he excels at somewhat), in no way is he perfect, often referring to manuals or old class discussions when he hits a snag.

Scouting/Guerilla warfare: During his time at gatekeeper, and subsequently the Rashan detachment assigned there Ryuji was trained in the art of reconnaissance and scouting, as well as stealth and and guerrilla warfare used in disrupting enemy movement and cohesion via hit and run maneuvers, or sabotage. This was his combat occupation of choice, this meshed fairly well with the standard gatekeeper training package of marksmanship, law and protocol and standard military ops that Gatekeeper is known for.

Rashan Dagger combat: A tradition and mandatory training for most military personal of the Rashan people, Ryuji has been educated in the use of combat knives for close and short range combat. It focuses on staying mobile and wearing an opponent down via small cuts and shocks channeled through the knives.

Agile: While not superhuman, Ryuji is very mobile and agile, using this to his advantage in combat and scouting, whether it be climbing, tumbling or any other gymnastic maneuver or rolling with a blow, but mainly to get around, or access non orthodox routes to get to an objective.

Special powers:

Unique to the Rashan people are a series of organs capable of a form of electro-genesis in a manner to an electric eel only on a more varied scale based on the manipulation of the millions of electrocytes in said organs. This allows for the discharging of something akin to electricity.

His use of this varies, his most common use is contact discharging into an opponent, and more often electro-location and allowing him a limited range of extended perception, roughly a 5 meter sphere around him, this takes a manner of concentration so he only uses it in short bursts to locate enemies or their movements.

Weapons and Gear: Standard Marshalship issued gear, multi-purpose tool belt, data pad for random ideas that hit him.

Rashan Combat knives: Roughly 7 inches in length with hardened tips and made of a deep bluish gray metal exported by his people. These are lightweight and balanced single bladed knives with a serrated edge near the end and reinforced hilts perfect for bludgeoning attacks or glass breaking. The metal is perfect for channeling a Rashan's odd abilities. He keeps a similar pair made of a composite ceramic for more utilitarian work like cable cutting, or disarming things that might be set off by metals. Some knives are more honed for throwing, as well as geared with what can best be described as "trick" knives, the hilts containing mainly flashbang or explosive triggers, keyed to detonate on impact, or timer.

Ryuji, much like most males of his species, is made for agility and some reliance on their natural energy emissions to take down foes, prey etc. he is not meant to take a lot of punishment, nor hit hard. This is something that can be used to a more experienced fighter's advantage.

A note on his "electrical" abilities: Given the organs in his body, and the circulatory system linked to them are also linked to his nervous system, certain things that disrupt a nervous system, such as a taser or nerve agent, pressure points or tranquilizers, shutting those organs down for various amounts of time depending on his state of fatigue, it doesn't outright cripple him, but does remove something he
relies on heavily in a serious fight.

Background: Ryuji was a part of a small exploratory group that was besieged by a separatist faction of his own people, who in turn were driven off by the marshals. Unfortunately despite the marshalship's efforts casualties were high.

It was in the aftermath that he came across one marshal named Sokai Hemmingway, who'd been placed on duty there during recovery efforts for the survivors and evacuation to nearby Verorox until Rashan forces could show to shore up the
defenses and perimeter.

After a budding friendship started with Sokai, and through his watching the marshalship's actions during and in the aftermath he made a decision to join the marshalship. upon finishing his training he served on the Mark I, then returned to Gatekeeper for more training under his Captains orders, then was reassigned at a later date to the Blaze of Glory.

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Ryuji Empty Re: Ryuji

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