Dina Murdock (and Fury)

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Dina Murdock (and Fury) Empty Dina Murdock (and Fury)

Post by `Citan on Thu Jun 25, 2009 7:43 am

IRC Nickname: `Citan
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): None

Character Name: Dina Murdock
Original Dimension: Original

Race: More than 2/3s Cyborg (originally Human)
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 632 lbs
Likes: Dogs, that she can still eat
Dislikes: Doctor visits, cold and sterile environments

Physical Description (Or picture): She is an average looking girl with a taught, athletic frame, built kind of like a dancer or a gymnist. She usually wears a tanktop, combat fatigue pants with kneepads and boots, an ALICE (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/b/ba/Alice01a.jpg), gloves and a patrol cap (http://www.charleyssurplus.com/US%20ARMY%20CURRENT%20ISSUE%20SUMMER%20BDU%20HAT.JPG). She looks to be of Mediterranian descent, with a smooth tan complexion and black hair, cut shoulder length and kept out of her face by her hat. Her eyes are sharp looking and green. Fury is an oversized Arctic Wolf, at a glance.

Powers and Special Abilities: Dina is trained in multiple forms of hand to hand combat, knife fighting and small-arms. Her combat body is built for close quarter commando ops against all manner of targets; being a testbed body, hers has more bells and whistles than most production models would. Her skeletal/muscular structure is fairly resillient to harm (though her dermal layers, built to be realistic, are more easily damaged) and she is very strong, and the power behind her fast-twtich muscles allow for very quick movements and reactions. Her android dog Fury is highly intelligent and she can communicate with him via a dedicated internal comm link. Fury has intensely sharp claws and teeth and is also stroung/tough on the inside. Fury has a modular body that, if both Dina and Fury go into a sort of overdrive mode, can be worn like a suit of power armor for short periods of time. Dina and Fury can also go into Overdrive without combining, for increased physical abilities and perception.

Weapons and Gear: She carries a .45 USP pistol and a very big combat knife on her person at all times. She also owns the laser dot and silencer for the pistol. She also commonly uses an MP7 submachinegun, which can be used like an SMG, pistol or even a short assault rifle. She will sometimes carry a combat shotgun as well.

Weaknesses: Dina is an amnesiac, not remembering anything before her years of conditioning as a fighter and the following years as a bountyhunter. Any attempts to recall what came before is extemely traumatic and can sometimes be triggered by events, dreams or other stimuli. Overdrive can be very risky to both Dina and Fury, prolonged exposure to their overdrive systems can be fatal. Dina is EXTREMELEY bonded to her dog and will NOT react well should something happen to him. Being in a hospital bed or cyberphyician's workstation creeps her right the hell out and she usually has to be sedated for exams (until she eventually learns to trust the physician/technician working on her), which is unfortunate because her body needs regular maintenance (a monthly check-up).

Background (Please keep this semi-short - the best way to find out about a character is through roleplay): Dina remembers nothing before waking up on a lab table. She was conditioned over the course of three years for combat until something strange happened on her twentieth birthday and the lab burned down. The details of this event are still fuzzy. Sinse then she's been a bounty hunter, and then a security officer aboard the Mark One. Sinse it's destruction, she now seeks a new ship to crew with.


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