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Post by Kuro on Wed Aug 19, 2009 2:49 pm

IRC Nickname: Kuro
Alternate names: Ku|OUT, Ku|BUSY

Character Name: Visyet Ruhiim
Original Dimension: Original / Dungeons & Dragons 3.5

Race: Human
Age: 63
Sex: Male
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 190 lbs
Likes: Martial arts, swords, people who are willing to accept constructive criticism
Dislikes: Know-it-alls with superiority complexes, people who are indecisive and flighty, people with no impulse control or willpower

Physical Description: Visyet is a tall man, but aside from his height, he does not strike an intimidating or imposing figure. His narrow features are lined with age, but the grace and poise with which he moves is very unlike someone his age.

He has meticulously-kept facial hair consisting of a mustache, soulpatch, and goatee, all kept short. His dark hair is also kept short and shows no signs of graying, and his eyes are a pale blue.

He is normally found in blue and black clothing, favouring a long-sleeved dark blue shirt with black straight-legged pants, steel-toed shoes, and fingerless gloves. He has a fondness for long jackets, which he usually wears draped over his shoulders.

Visyet also has nine tattoos, each representing one of the nine styles he has mastered.

Visyet is a master martial artist who has been studying armed and unarmed combat for his entire life. He has a natural talent for it, and has traveled to the far reaches of his home planet and mastered nine specific fighting styles that are part of a "set" of sorts: Desert Wind, Devoted Spirit, Diamond Mind, Iron Heart, Setting Sun, Shadow Hand, Stone Dragon, Tiger Claw, and White Raven.

Some of these styles draw on Visyet's chi in obvious ways, with physical manifestations of it. These uses are detailed in Powers and Special Abilities.

Versatile Unarmed Strike: Visyet has been trained in esoteric martial arts maneuvers that allow him to channel his chi into his hands and feet to allow him to cause slashing or piercing damage.

Powers and Special Abilities
Visyet can use his chi to do special things based on the fighting styles he knows. He can summon and manipulate fire, rejuvenate his allies while he fights, enhance his speed, boost striking power, throw enemies with incredible force, manipulate shadowy energies to drain a foe's strength, turn invisible or incorporeal for a few seconds at a time, crawl on walls and ceilings, penetrate magical or supernatural defenses with his strikes, and perform superhuman leaps.

Weapons and Gear
Visyet tends to carry very little in the way of weapons or gear, preferring not to stay too attached to material possessions. He does, however, carry three knives on his person at all times: a short knife for utility, and two matching long knives for fighting. He favours longswords as his weapon of choice, and is also usually found with a walking stick. When he knows he's going to be fighting, Visyet also wears a chainmail vest, a pair of bracers, and light thigh armour and greaves.

Weaknesses: Visyet is certainly spry and in excellent physical shape, but he's showing his age. His prime was three decades ago, and he's not getting any younger. He doesn't heal as fast as he used to, he's more susceptible to illness, he's not as flexible as he used to be, and his stamina leaves something to be desired.

A weakness shared by all of Visyet's fighting styles is that they require him to be able to assume certain stances or perform certain gestures to accomplish maneuvers, including overtly supernatural ones (like Desert Wind's fire). If he is bound, paralyzed, or otherwise immobilized, he can't use many of his maneuvers.

Additionally, each maneuver he executes needs to be set up or built up to in some way. When a maneuver is executed, it can't be used again until Visyet returns to the proper stance or position, or takes a moment to regain mental focus. This prevents him from using the same maneuver multiple times in a short time period without pausing for a few seconds between.

Background: Visyet was born into a farming family, helping on the farm up until the age of 16, when he was drafted into his kingdom's army. He showed an aptitude for swordsmanship, picking up with ease and advancing through the ranks. By the age of 24, he was instructing other young soldiers in swordsmanship. At the age of 30 he struck out on his own, traveling the world for the sake of learning as many styles as he could and fulfilling his dream of founding an academy of fighting arts.

Five years later, he returned to his homeland and used his connections and resources to found the Ruhiim Academy of Swordsmanship, which rapidly gained renown and prestige. By the age of 60, Visyet was known worldwide as one of the greatest swordsmen in history, and his academy as a center of knowledge for fighting arts. However, he still goes on adventures from time to time...

Reason for being on Gatekeeper: Visyet has resigned from his position as martial arts instructor for the Blaze of Glory, but visits frequently and still holds classes whenever the ship is docked. Now that travel to and from his home dimension has opened up, his time is divided between running his academy on his homeworld, and instructing on Gatekeeper.

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