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IRC Nickname: Kuro
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): Ku|BUSY, Ku|OUT, Ku|CLASS, Ku|LAUNDRY, Ku|WORMS

Character Name: Revia Bowen
Original Dimension: Star Wars, 1024 ABY (After the Battle of Yavin)

Race: Human
Age: 28
Sex: female
Height: 6'
Weight: 160 pounds
Likes: The colour green, philosophical discussions, men with facial hair, opera
Dislikes: Stubbornness, cruelty

Physical Description: Revia is not a small woman; she's busty and leggy, but hides most of it beneath the drab and unflattering brown-and-black Jedi uniform (consisting of dark brown pants, brown tunic, black vest, and utility belt). She has long black hair that she keeps in a low ponytail, and her eyes are bright blue. Her right arm is mechanical from the upper-arm down, with an outer shell made of durable matte black plasteel.

- Piloting: Revia is an experienced pilot, capable of handling small to medium craft. She's an ace fighter pilot, and can use the Force to enhance her abilities (see Battlemind, below).
- Survival Training: All Jedi are trained in surviving in harsh or inhospitable environments, as well as in tending to injuries.
- Swordsmanship: While Revia specializes in lightsaber combat, she is skilled with a variety of swords and sword-like objects.
- Close Combat: Revia is capable of defending herself while unarmed. She tends to combine martial arts techniques with telekinesis for added power.
- Athletics: Even without using the Force, Revia is a natural athlete.
- Mechanics: Revia is capable of performing repairs and maintenance on mechanical objects such as cybernetics, weaponry, and vehicles.
- Tactics: Revia has shown a knack for coordinating with others in combat, using teamwork to defeat foes.

Powers and Special Abilities
The Force: Revia is a formally and fully trained Jedi Knight. The manipulation of the Force (an energy that is generated by and permeates the universe and all living things) grants her supernatural abilities.

- Telekinesis: Revia is capable of lifting, moving, throwing, and otherwise manipulating objects via the Force. She can lift and throw an object weighing up to 300 pounds with ease, but anything heavier requires increasing degrees of concentration. She also uses telekinesis on herself to give her boosts while jumping, allowing her to reach great heights and distances with ease.

- Telepathy & Empathy: With concentration, Revia is capable of perceiving the emotions and surface thoughts of others -- this can be resisted through a strong will or other mental techniques. She is also capable of establishing telepathic links with willing people she has met, regardless of distance (but they must be in the same dimension).

- Empathic Projection: Through her empathic ability, Revia can subtly alter the emotions of a single target. She primarily uses it to create calmness in others for teaching purposes, but it can be used to instill anger, fear, or any other base emotions. Like all powers of its kind, Empathic Projection can be resisted, and rarely works on those with strong wills.

- Battle Meditation: A variation on Empathic Projection, Revia can positively influence the emotions of her allies, giving them a boost in morale and confidence during combat, returning the will to fight to those who have lost it, and providing greater coordination between individuals. She can affect about a dozen people at once (more, given time to concentrate and reach out) and the range is large enough that it can be used during space combat.

- Battlemind: This is a suite of Force powers rather than a single ability. While concentrating, Revia possesses limited precognition that allows her to react to attacks before they occur. Through limited telepathy and her precognitive 'danger sense' she can also anticipate what actions an enemy will take next, if she focuses on a single foe. She also optimizes her body's performance via psychometabolic control, giving her a significant overall boost in reflexes and overall physical ability.

- Deflection: While technically part of her combat precognition (her 'danger sense') power, Revia has put special effort into training to use her lightsaber to deflect attacks from energy weapons. While this is a skill in which almost all Jedi are proficient, Revia has a natural talent for it and has honed it to the point that she can not only redirect energy weapon fire at enemies, but she can also defend herself from autofire.

- Speed: Revia can use the Force to give herself a sudden burst of speed, moving from one point to another with superhuman speed. She can also accelerate her overland movement to a lesser degree, but stretch it out over long periods.

- Force Trance: Given time, Revia can use the Force to replenish her body's reserves of energy and accelerate the natural healing process. Four hours of a Force trance provides the same amount of rest and healing as eight hours of sleep, effectively halving the time required for recovery.

- Force Sense: Revia can use the Force to perceive her surroundings, rather than relying on sight or hearing. She operates just as well blind as she does when able to see, and can 'see' through solid objects or in all directions. This is not a passive ability; it requires concentration on Revia's part.

Weapons and Gear: As a Jedi, Revia does not own much. What little she does own is primarily survival gear and expendable items. Her most notable possession is her lightsaber, an unremarkable looking black-and-silver handle from which projects a blade of green energy. The lightsaber is a multipurpose weapon and tool; it can be used to cut nearly any physical material, to attack enemies, or to defend against energy-based weapons.

Revia's right arm from the upper-arm down is artificial; it's a highly advanced mechanical prosthetic, mimicking the function of a human arm perfectly. It is composed of durable matte black plasteel, and has two main functions: The fingers conceal various small tools (more or less a complete toolkit), while the forearm conceals a small but potent pop-up blaster gun (treat as a regular blaster pistol).

Weaknesses: Revia's mechanical arm, while insulated against electricity, can still be disrupted and disabled by electromagnetic energy. Continuous Force use is both mentally and physically taxing, and particularly precise or intense uses of the Force require higher degrees of concentration and will leave her drained.

Direct telekinesis (used to lift someone, rather than just bludgeon them with kinetic force or hurl an object at them) can be resisted by anyone with a strong enough will. Telepathy and empathy are similar, in that a strong will or a trained mind can be difficult or impossible to read.

While she is not completely dependent on her lightsaber, it is a formidable weapon and she's not quite as effective without it. Even though lightsabers can cut through just about anything, they cannot pierce similar energy weapons or energy shields. There are also substances that can resist a lightsaber, such as Mandalorian iron or phrick alloy.

Finally, the lure of the dark side is always something of which a Jedi must always be aware. The temptation to use the Force for selfish reasons, such as personal gain or revenge, is always present. Being overly aggressive or brutal in combat is also a path to the dark side.

Background: Like many Jedi, Revia was identified as being Force sensitive during infancy and taken in by the Jedi for training immediately. She is originally from the planet Corellia, but owes it no special allegiance. She grew up learning the Jedi ways, and excelled in specific areas as detailed in Powers and Special Abilities, above.

As a Jedi Knight, Revia is assigned to various missions by the Jedi Council -- diplomatic or otherwise. It was on one such mission that she was bested in combat by a former friend of hers, now a fallen Jedi. He was about to deliver the killing blow, but showed mercy by severing her right arm (her sword-arm) instead. She has since had her arm replaced with a mechanical prosthetic.

Revia is currently acting as a diplomatic representative of both the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances and the Jedi Order on the Blaze of Glory.

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