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Post by gubaba on Sun Dec 20, 2009 6:05 am

IRC Nickname: Kula
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): Kagome

Character Name: Hyper Operational Person Emulator -Beta Type (She can hopefully be assigned a more simple name through play ...I'll change it in here once that happens.)
Original Dimension: Final Fantasy VII

Race: Android/Cyborg/Alien
Age: 23 (but looks younger.. due to the alien DNA)
Sex: female
Height: 5'3
Weight: 115 lbs
Likes: Politics, Science, Power, Freedom
Dislikes: What she is, others thoughts, Evil Mutant Aliens

Physical Description (Or picture):
I'll have a picture as well, but she's somewhat short, with short lavender hair cut to a neat bob, bright green eyes that have a soul-less look to them. She wears a body suit with armored arm guards and gloves.
Hyper Operational Person Emulator - Beta Type HOPE-beta-concept

Powers and Special Abilities:

Enhanced body: she has the body limit of an android pretty much.. she's able to lift stuff with superhuman limited strength (like lift a car, but not throw it) and is resistant to extreme temperatures/metal (more like defense equivalent to wearing full body armour).

Ninjitsu, hand to hand combat (KISARAGI STYLE): She has all the programming of basic martial artist ninjitsu moves and hand to hand combat techniques. Yeah this sounds redundant, basically she can kick and punch effectively. That's it, nothing fancy.

Empathy: she is able to feel the emotions and feelings from the people around her, because of this she cannot stand those who are incredibly ANGSTY or upset or negative.. This also makes her get to the point, she will not torture those she is hunting. If she has to eliminate, she will eliminate or just knock them out^^;

Mutant Alien Genes: Although she is an android, she has some organic components to her due to the mutant alien genes infused to make her more of a techno-organism.. kinda like nanomachines. She has the ability to ingest an object and then recreate the object into her hands.. which makes a very interesting storage system for her. She is also able to eat computer chips/disks and mechanical objects and be able to decypher what the information in the disk/chip and how the mechanical object works. The downside of this is it's relatively quick for something that's small.. A BIG object will obviously take more time for her to ingest. She also has a socket at the back of her neck where she can be hooked up to a computer so her vitals and information can be monitored as well as she can be used to hack other computers.

Mutant Alien SOLDIER!: as being a soldier she needs to heed to the commands of a commander.. so the first person to answer her questions and wake her up from her 'neutral' mode daze will be registered as her commander. She will serve and protect her commander at all costs.

Weapons and Gear:

Needle Kunai: at her hips she has 2 belts full of explosive needle kunai, the tips are incendiary based and not very strong but can burn you if they hit to add extra damage, she is able to throw these with excellent accuracy.

Dark Nation 9: a robotic dog modeled after her original guard dog which has been in the ShinRa family for generations. The dog barks, bites, jumps, and is faster than the normal dog. (I don't want to app for this now but maybe in future missions this dog could come and be a fun NPC or something)

Sarcophagus: This is what she would arrive in, she will need this to rest in to be able to rejuvinate her ether abilities.

She must do the wishes of her master and complete all missions set up by him/her

She CANNOT harm anyone with direct Mutant Alien Symbiote DNA decent (the one from her planet though, so if there's ever a mission in that she can't do jack)

She's a frikkin' empath.. if she hurts someone she feels it..if someone is next to her is suffering, she feels it^^;

she's still somewhat human.. she needs to eat (food and A LOT of it if she casts spells and fights like a SLAYERS char) and she can BLEED.

Also if for some reason her vocal chords are damaged or she is cast a mute spell on, she cannot cast any of her ether abilities.

She must also rest in her sarcophagus at least once a week to recharge herself, or else she will lose her ether-based powers.

Background (Please keep this semi-short):
Before becoming what she is now, HOPE Beta-type was Cassandra Alexandria ShinRa.. a woman with a pretty much like 'Do you job, Ohohohohohoho.' sorta bossy bitch type that would bulldog you into doing whatever with her force.. now she has lost her power and is a cyborg servant who heeds to others orders.

... but let's start from the beginning. Cassandra was the leader of the Illuminati which was a group of scientists, mechanics and other men and women from various governments banded together to defend humanity and defeat The Evil Mutant Aliens, which are mutated creepy organisms that invaded the FFVII-earth after the WEAPON and Sephiroth and infected other human beings. The organization was formed in A.D. 2130 and Cassandra came to power 800 years later so..yes kids, she's from the waaaay ahead future.. The Illuminati was started as an organization to find out how to terraform the ruined Earth and also convened regularly to present new techniques and weaponry to defeat The Mutants.

Anyways.. as the story has it.. the Illuminati constructed the first H.O.P.E (Hyper Operational Person Emulator) unit.. and once it was completed they started to mass produce under the ruling of Cassandra ShinRa.

the Illuminati continued to battle, however, Cassandra now fully in charge, continued with her construction of HOPE armies against the Mutants which were growing more and more powerful. After a devestating attack to the Illuminati base, all were able to escape..except for Miss Cassandra Alexandria

She was taken to the Mutants base where leaders Camazotz and Set had plans for her.. they would use this Illuminati as their new projects guinea pig. Their new project in question was a way to fight back against the HOPE's, a new cyborg which would have all of the original HOPE's abilities which the other HOPE's did not seem to have and battle back against all of the Illuminati and the Solar System to give the Mutant Aliens full control of everything.

After months of testing and experiments, some painful and some not.. HOPE Beta-type was completed. She had received the original HOPE's programming except for all information that had to do with the first HOPE host's personality and personal memories since they could become a hinderance in the field of combat and were pretty much useless. HOPE Beta-type had kept her own mind, her feelings and thoughts..but now she was a monster.. a servant.. and if that were not enough, after her experiments, HOPE Beta-type became an Empath.. feeling all the pain and suffering all of her rulings and orders had done to the Mutants. Unable to take this, HOPE Beta-type realized this was a punishment, she needed to atone for her sins. She would use her abilities to stop all of this pain.

Now finding herself in a new surrounding, she no longer has the Mutant leaders around to take her orders from. Setting herself in 'neutral' mode in which she can only do the most basic functions (she'll be acting like a major ROBBOTTO), she awaits for a new commander and master to serve.

Reason for being on Gatekeeper: To stop the pain around her. To fulfill the missions set up by her master/commander.

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Hyper Operational Person Emulator - Beta Type Empty Re: Hyper Operational Person Emulator - Beta Type

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