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Retiring from the channel Empty Retiring from the channel

Post by Dulkor on Fri Dec 25, 2009 1:14 am

After a lot of thought and consideration, I've decided to retire from DJ and have my characters move on from the ship, so as not to leave dangling threads in my wake.

Eleste was promised her own D-Jump capable ship in exchange for her service on the Blaze, with her contract up the bargain has been fulfilled and she's off to captain her own ship once again. Give it about two weeks before she gets tired of playing nice with CoRe and the Marshalship and takes her vessel off to parts unknown independently.

Talia Khallar has always served best as a negotiator and diplomat, and with the focus of the war beginning to shift, she has been transferred to the Marshalship's diplomatic corps.

Erim Solan, with no loyalties tying him down to the ship, has requested reassignment rather than an extension on his tour of duty. With his first year on the Blaze coming to a close, the Marshalship is relocating him to another vessel.

O'Re'sovar has finished his contract to Sokai, and seeing little need for his services on the Blaze, has departed the ship to once again make his way as an independent, stubborn old mercenary for what will probably be his last few years of being able to keep up at this soldiering gig.

Omega-624 continues to happily reside on Seron. He is currently teaching the locals how to play baseball, bake perfect apple pies, and detect the early warning signs of communism when not treating the various injuries that go hand in hand with getting a colony running.

Talenn Khallar continues to serve as an instructor on Gatekeeper, teaching new Marshals in the ways of unarmed combat and magical detection. He probably gets beers with Visyet every now and then.

The Amaranthine Transcriber has departed the station for a more secluded location for the safety of others as she continues her experiments to replicate the Mammon Machine, leaving her primary lab in the care of her (very frightened of touching anything) assistants.


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