Seijou Yuzaki, M.D.

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Seijou Yuzaki, M.D. Empty Seijou Yuzaki, M.D.

Post by Great_Mazinger on Sat Dec 26, 2009 2:31 am

IRC Nickname: Sparda
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): Big_Boss

Character Name: Yuzaki Seijou
Original Dimension: Metal Gear?!.. I mean Metal Gear

Name: Yuzaki Seijou
Age: 25
Sex: Male.
Birthday: Jan 28
Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan
Parents: Yuzaki Senzou, Marlene Smith.
Nationality: Japanese.
Speciality: Diagnostics, Surgery.
Hobbies: Murder mysteries, studying.
Likes: Learning new things, healing the innocent, harming the guilty.
Dislikes: Not many things.
Favorite Food: Ice cream.
Least Favorite Food: Any other junk food.
Favorite Music: Classical, Goth.
Favorite Sport: Running.
Most Valuable Possession: Nothing.
Level of Education: Medical Doctor.
Seiyuu/Voice Actor: Nobuo Tobita.

Physical Stats
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 147lbs
Eyes: Brown.
Hair: Blonde.
Special: Nothing.

I have a pic.

Calm, collected, intelligent and very observant, can be quite introspective.
However, is also phenomenally judgemental, holier-than-thou in matters of
war crimes, and about the fates of the guilty and the innocent.

Seijou was born to a medical family in Japan. His father was a pioneer in
rapid surgery and had been hired by the various PMCs that had started
to mobilize accross the planet come 2010. As his assistant was also his wife,
they both took their son with them on battlefield missions. There, Seijou got
to see the horrors of war first hand. When he was 7, his mother died in an
attack on the PMC base, which devastated his father. Seeing this horrifically
traumatic experience made Seijou fearless. After all, when your worst fear
happens before your eyes, what else could possibly scare you again?

By the time he was 10, Seijou was assisting his father in medical cases and
surgeries. He had made friends with a few of the soldiers, when they realized
the kid was a prodigy, and always insatiably curious. When manpower became
low, Seijou even assisted with surgeries and drug administrations. This lasted
for a year, until the PMC group he was with disbanded with the collapse of the
War Economy brought about by FOXALIVE. Because of the SOP system's
downfall, the enemy soldiers were able to attack non combat personel, so
Seijou's father was shot. The boy was then sent back to Japan to live with
relatives, where he used his rather impressive inheritance to go to Medical

Seijou shot through the required courses, taking double and sometimes more
of the classes workload. His genius is what made him able to deal with that level
of education with relative ease, picking up -everything- upon hearing it and
working hard to make sure it was enough to get top grades in the academy.
When he received his MD, by the age of 23, he signed up to join with the new PMCs,
wanting to see the best ..and worst.. the world had to offer and keep
them in working shape... and to get the ones who killed his parents back,
intending to deal his brand of justice to any who abuse their role as soldiers to kill
or maim non combat personel and civilians.

Medicine: Amazing
Computers: Incredible
Close Quarters Combat: Good
Firearms: Very Good
Survival Knife: Average

Genius: Seijou is profoundly gifted, capable of learning and processing
information at a ridiculous rate. Even as a child he was able to understand
advanced math problems and remember medical procedures and diagnostics
his father had made with amazing accuracy. Given time and the proper training,
Seijou can comprehend most academics.

Fearlessness: Seijou is absolutely fearless. Even in the threat of death or worse,
he will not feel fear. His parents died before his eyes, and he isn't worried about
anything anymore.



Several notes on nanotechnology from various high profile researches,
notably Naomi Hunter's.
Nanomachine supressant syringe.
Medical kit.
Surgical tools.
PMC Issue Forge Nationale Five-seveN Handgun.
Survival Knife.

Nearsighted. Seijou needs glasses to read and perform surgeries.
Has not chosen to correct this via nanomachines yet.
Unobservant of the Oath. Seijou can and will kill any soldier, ally or enemy,
which threatens, let alone harms, innocents. This can get his licence removed.

NPC(s) to go with char:


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Seijou Yuzaki, M.D. Empty Re: Seijou Yuzaki, M.D.

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