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Post by Nerem on Sun Jan 03, 2010 6:43 am

Character Name: Nanami Emiya
Original Dimension (this should refer to anime/TV show/movie/etc your character is from, if they are an original based in that world or an established from that world): Original
Age: Late-teens
Sex: Female
Height: 5'4
Weight: ~120 lb
Likes: Protecting the weak, video games, those awful teen girl magazines
Dislikes: Monsters, stuck-up boys

Physical Description (Or picture):
Nanami Emiya

Powers and Special Abilities:
Can transform into a Bio Hero known as Empty. As Empty, she can transform into a variety of forms based on monsters called Shells she has defeated in the past. Also, due to her unique circumstances, she is both a Shell and a Bio Hero at once. In this way, her truth form can be said to be her Shell form. All forms retain higher then normal strength (depending on the form - With Empty Soul having only somewhat higher then normal physical strength but great attack power with the sword, while Empty Heart has tremendous strength behind its weapon strikes) as well as a high jumping ability, with Shell form able to jump to the top of buildings many stories tall - to Empty Heart, who can only jump a story or so up.

Empty Shell:
Description: Her base form, which takes the form of a pale white humanoid with silver armor with blades extending from arm. Can withstand small-arms fire, but anything armor piercing or such would damage her easily. A balanced form, it wields nothing but its arm blades, using it or its fists alone to deal with its foes.
Special Attacks: Shining Strike, which charges up power in Empty's fist, before Empty attempts to punch through an enemy's armor, and unleash the power in a burst to destroy the enemy from within. Used with all forms. Variations can be used with kicks and such.
Vanity Ripper: Similiar to Shining Strike, except it charges up the arm blade of Empty, giving it great cutting power which it discharges inside whatever it is slashing for greatly increases damage. Used with the weapon of every form. Variations can also create blades on various parts of the body to be used for the attack.
Hen! Shin! Base form

Empty Soul
Description: Empty's high speed attack form. Has lighter armor then base form and no greater strength, but makes up for it with quicker general speed and quick bursts of intense, almost blurring speed. Has the same attacks as base form, except they use Empty Soul's sword rather then its fist or armblade. Can create/summon its sword any time it pleases, and can even make a double of it.
Special ability: Can move at extreme speeds in bursts, for a split second or so at a time, for fast, powerful sword slashes and equally fast dodges of attacks.
Weakness: Lighter armor in order to facilitate speed - speed bursts very quickly tire out Nanami.
Empty Heart:
Description: Power, pure power. This form has the heaviest armor and the greatest strength, and is made when a Mighty Glacier is needed to take down its foes. Even anti-armor fire wouldn't faze it, and it wields immense two-handed weapons to devastating effect. Can summon any two-handed melee weapon it wishes. Vanity Ripper is its primary finisher.
Weakness: Incredibly slow due to its incredible armor and heavy weapons.

Shell Form: Not related to Empty Shell, it is the form she became upon having her Core drained - unlike normal humans without the Light of a Hero's Core, she did not turn into a decaying ghoul, but instead became a Shell just like a Hero. In this form, speed is everything, as she slashes and strikes with flurries from her murderously sharp claws. Her only special power is the ability to combat teleport, primarily useful in order to escape dangerous situations, but hampered by her innate feralness in this form. It has a max range of three meters. Each leap takes a few seconds of concentration to prepare, so while it can be done in combat, it's not suitable for dodging anything but the slowest of attacks. Can regenerate critical injuries fairly quickly.
Weaknesses: Can be hard for Nanami to control. Can take over Nanami instantly and force her to transform into it if she suffers fatal or near-fatal injuries, in order to attempt to regenerate her wounds before she dies. Of course, even Shells are killed if their Cores are torn out of their bodies and destroyed, or they simply take overwhelming damage.

Background: A normal everyday schoolgirl until she came across a strange jewel on the sidewalk. Picking it up, she became the target of a monster that attempted to murder her. Just before it could kill her, something shielded her, and a voice spoke to her, asking if she would take up the mantle of 'hero' for the fallen one before her. Scared to death and willing to do anything to survive, she agreed and spoke the word that would change her life. "Henshin".
Due to the fact that the power is not hers natively, the Core within everyone where their spiritual power lies is not effected by it, which allowed her to return to human when she became a monster upon having her Core drained of its Light, using the 'jewel' (a Hero's Core) to retain her human form.

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