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HOPE moves on! Empty HOPE moves on!

Post by gubaba on Sun Jan 03, 2010 8:16 pm

After a lot of consideration, I'll be retiring HOPE from DJ. ..so I'm just going to try to explain what happened to her after the recent mission of the BoG group getting rid of the Gift of Time!

HOPE originally began to malfunction a bit after the fight, she tried to fix it by resting in her rejeuvenation chamber, unfortunately that was not enough. After writing a request to Captain Ralf Derrison she asked, and with permission from her Commander, to be moved to a different ship where she can be properly treated. After her treatment, her systems were rebooted again, causing her memory of the BoG (although it was rather short anyway) to be erased. She is now joining another ships ranks and will continue to serve that crew.

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