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IRC Nickname: Sparda
Alt. Nickname: Big_Boss
Dimension of Origin: Original channel/Devil May Cry

Name: Luca Sparda
Age: 48
Sex: Male
B-day: May 19th
Birth Year: 2007
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, CA, USA.
Parents: Dante Sparda and Trish.
Nationality: American.
Speciality: Wisecracking.
Hobbies: Gunbuilding, military stuff, cars.
Likes: Wrestling, Military, Money.
Dislikes: Working with father, devils.
Favorite Food: Hot Dogs.
Least Favorite Food: Sushi. Raw fish is gross as hell.
Favorite Music: Death Metal.
Favorite Sport: Football.
Most Valuable Possession: Nothing.
Level of Education: Military academy training. Colonel Rank.
Seiyuu/Voice Actor: Nolan North
Official Positions and Training:
-Camp Pendelton CA; 2nd Battalion 4th Marines Division; 'Magnificent Bastards'; Rank Private.
-Camp Coronado SEAL BUD/S; Rank SEAL;
-Ranger Camp; 75th Ranger Regiment; Rank Cadet.

Physical Stats
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 215lbs
Eyes: Sharp Blue
Hair: Silvery blonde. More silver than blonde, really.
Special: Nothing really.

I have a pic. Cinnie is awesome
Luca Sparda Luca-older

Older, wiser, bitter, saviour. Luca's gone through a lot in his life and had to give away his powers, the
main reason he was such an exceptional soldier in the first place. But by this point, he's learned to
live with it, and while less flippant in combat, has developped a sense of irony and sarcasm that's as
sharp as any knife in his arsenal. He's taken a mentor approach to the war against evil, because he
learned there are humans just as effective as he was at dealing with devils, and would prefer showing
them how to do it than watch them go down the whole 'He who hunts monsters' routine. That REALLY
ticks him off.

After the events of Mallet Island, Dante and Trish went back to LA together and Devil May Cry became
Devil Never Cry. Obviously, after a short time, Dante's mother complex kicked in and he got together
with Trish.. permanently. After a while, the two had a son out of wedlock, not that that's such a big
deal for two devils, but.. Anyways, Caius and then Luca were born.
Shortly after that, Trish died. Dante was now stuck with two young boys to raise. Caius, always the
responsible one, had no major problems growing up, but Luca was not a quiet child, and kept getting
into trouble, so before long, Dante had to send him off to military school, where the promise of using
guns and learning many ways to beat the crap out of people pacified him.
Luca, being superhuman, excelled at all aspects of military life, and the promise of guns made him
actually behave, which led to him joining the Marine Corps when he was of age, undergoing the elite
training of the Marines, which is the corps he learned to associate the most to. Due to his special
nature and exceptional skills, he was also selected to undergo additional Special Forces training,
under the auspices of Delta Force, but his military career was forced to an end when he was forced
to fight devils during a training excercise.
He joined his father's business, but the two were incompatible, so he struck out on his own, becoming
an international mercenary who hunted down the supernatural, eventually getting a stable job with a
branch of an organisation dedicated to fighting vampires in particular but also any other supernatural
entity. While with them, Luca learned leadership and teamwork skills with other Special people, which
prepared him for his later life.
After ending his association with this organization, Luca took example of one of his allies, and started
his own mercenary force, LEGION, dedicated to hunting down and tracking the supernatural, no matter
what the cause. Bio-weapons, satanic rituals, whatever the source, Luca's group dealt with it, accross
the world, in the image of Militaires Sans Frontieres. Before long, others who had heard the call joined
this group, to learn the best ways to deal with the forces of Darkness, receiving training from other
veterans of all types.
Being the son of Dante and Trish, Luca had access to the power of Sparda and Mundus, so when the
Keys, a group dedicated to the ressurection of the Lord of Hell, managed to open the Gates of Hell,
LEGION was at the forefront of the fight, but it was going to be a losing battle so long as the forces
of Hell could just come back out at will. Luca took Alastor, the sword that represented his own power
and placed all his powers into it. He then used it to close down the Gate, sealing both it and his powers
into the depths of Hell forever.
This didn't stop him or change his dedication to hunt down the darkness. Taking a field leader position
in LEGION, Luca continued his crusade against devils and monsters of all kind, albeit with heavily
reduced abilities, which only slowed him down, but didn't stop him. After all, there were others like him
to take up the slack.

(These include all learned skills, as well as a relative rating from Abyssmal to Amazing. The character's
level of mastery in something that can be taught or at least rated by other people follows the scale:
Abyssmal, Feeble, Poor, Mediocre, So-So, Average, Good, Very Good, Excellent, Incredible, Amazing)
Espionage: Incredible.
Survival: Good.
Computers: So-so.
Security: Good.
Mechanics: Good.
Riding: Excellent.
Occult: Good.
Firearms: Amazing.
-Swords: Very Good.
-Knives: Excellent.
Hand to Hand:
-Close Quarters Combat: Incredible.

-English: Amazing.
-French: So-so.
-Russian: Very Good.
-Japanese: Excellent.
-Farsi: Very Good.
-German: Good.
-Italian: Excellent.

Hand to Hand Combat - CQC:
Used primarily as a dangerous, upclose, military fighting style, mixing Krav Maga, Jiujitsu and Karate,
it's most powerful attributes are rapid disarming of an opponent, as well as using momentum and hard
swipes to the ground to KO or defeat them quickly. Luca used to use a more superhuman fighting
style, but as his powers were sealed, he had to modify his skills and focussed on disarming/disabling
techniques that took full advantage of his reflexes, precision and strong body. Those techniques are
mostly contexts based. However, his experience at dealing with bioweapons and supernatural
horrors have given him a repertoire of more conventional fighting moves, as follow.
-Jump Kick: Lunges forwards, off the ground, and plants his foot right into an opponent, to send him
flying back. Great for crowd control.
-Kick Back: Sudden thrust kick at the enemy's midsection, used to shove into any oncomers.
-Football Tackle: Using his large frame, Luca tackles an opponent (or many), to knock them
to the ground, or away from lines of fire.
-Judo Toss: Standard throw, used to flip an opponent over the shoulder, then twisting the
weapon out of their hands. Used to either escape a hold, or take down an opponent without
committing murder.
-Roundhouse Kick: A sudden, rapid kick using the full rotation of his body. Preferably used either after a jump, or to a surprised opponent.
-Knee Drop: On a downed opponent (see Judo Toss), Luca hops, then comes down with both knees
on the target's chest or head, to KO or kill them.
-Suplex: Grabbing an opponent from behind, then arching backwards to smash them head first into the ground.
-Wall Kick: Running and jumping off a wall, to catch an opponent off guard, booting them -hard-
as he uses the full momentum. Used for surprise attacks.
-Face Crusher: Grabbing a target's head from behind, or much more difficult, the front, then pushing it as
he drops to the ground, to use the full weight of both to -crush- it's head.
-Neck Twist: Grabbing an opponent's head by surprise, then using his full strength to twist
it a full 180/360 degrees, to quietly murder them.

Half (well more like Three Quarters) Devil:
Luca is the son of the Half-Devil Half-Human Dante, and the full Devil Trish. As such, he has the
blood of a lot of powerful devils inside him, so even when sealed off, his body is still that of a man
about half his age, in great shape.
NOTE: Luca has sealed away his powers to close a Hellgate. He has access to none of the powers below,
save for the ability to never run out of bullets and general ammo.
-Devil Power: A wonderful side-effect of Luca's devilish heritage is that he can channel his life energy into bullets. As such, even empty magazines and broken handguns can be used to shoot real, solid, devil empowered bullets, slugs, buckshot, rockets, what have you. This depends on the type of gun Luca's currently holding, and WILL cause supernatural type damage.

Devil Trigger:
This form moves at the speed of lightning, can fire endless bolts of pure electrical power,
and can take any kind of electrical damage with little harm.. Also in this form, Luca does not feel
damage for as long as he's in the form, all damage is dulled down to half if not neutralised outright,
and weapons with less attack power than an assault shotgun will have no effect on him at all.
NOTE: Due to sealing off his powers to close the main Hellgate, Luca is literally unable to use any
of his powers WITHOUT using the Devil Trigger, which lasts (at full power) for five minutes.
The only exception to this being the ability to have unlimited ammo, as this feeds more from his
devil body than his super powers.
-Unlimited Endurance: Luca will not get tired. He can run, jump, skip, fight, slide, drink, work, etc.. and will not get tired from it. Obviously he'll feel sore and may run out of devil power, but he can do most
anything for long periods without risking fatigue or collapse. He can also stay underwater for hours.
-Superhuman Strength: Luca has Superhuman strength, able to bench press well past a ton with sheer muscle mass.
-Enhanced Speed: Luca can move around, both action and motion wise, at downright unnatural speeds, but generally doesn't move like that.
-Superhuman Reflexes: Luca's reflexes are LITERALLY lightning quick, so he can spot people moving even at super speeds and fight them with that kind of motions.

Christine Mark-II: A set of Gauntlets and Greaves made from the remains of the Devil Car, Christine, using
powerful demon-powered engines to increase the speed and strength of it's user, as well as having
thick, heavy armour over the user's arms and legs. This is a very versatile Devil Arm for a hand to
hand combat based one.
-Elemental Attributes: Lightning, Fire.
-Christine MK-II's Abilities:
-Viper: Punching the ground to send a shockwave at the target, or a much bigger one right in front.
-Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: Sending out a volley of homing missiles (with jetstream) at a single or
multiple targets from the Gauntlets.
-Mach Five: Luca shoots out a sudden axe kick from a standing position.
-General: Leaping in the air with an uppercut, Luca then -DIVES- at the enemy with his fist, charged
with power.
-Devil Trigger Attributes:
Can channel Devil Power into it's fist and release it in one shot, outwards instead of all around.
-Christine MK-II's Limitations:
Most of the powers of Christine require revving, which is neither subtle nor instant.

Nacht and Tag: Night and Day, Luca's personalised twin semi automatic magnums. Both guns are made to
handle the use of a blade on their frame and every last piece of it has been reworked to the point where their tactical efficiency is well over 3 times the best military standards. Nacht can be equipped with a supressor to dampen noise, and it's matte black finish make it imperceptible even in deep cover situations where a gun would be a problem. The muzzleflash is also down from the supressor. Naturally.. Devil Power bullets cannot be fired silently, so if he's going to go full out, it's time to make some noise. Both guns are custom adjusted Desert Eagles, with aligned barrel and loader specialy fit for rapid fire, and a slightly enlarged casing launching area, to prevent stovepiping.
-Nacht: .50 Caliber Magnum, also known as a 'Handcannon', with the kind of recoil that would break a lesser man's wrist. Specially made suppressor can be used, but will still make noise in close up encounters, it's primary use of a suppressor is to keep people outside the area from hearing it. This gun is not meant to wound, it's meant to kill, or maim horribly at that. Nacht is matte black reinforced and devil empowered gunsteel, and can take direct hits from even axes without breaking. Nacht's handle has been whittled down to incorporate a knife handle on it, in the case of upclose and personal fighting and the use of CQC being required. The grip is custom to Luca's fingers, and this is including the knife ridge. Nacht's barrel bottom has a sliding mechanism for equipping a Laser Aiming Module or gun light, and has Bo-Mar rear sights for better target shooting.

-Tag: .50 Caliber Magnum, also known as a 'Handcannon', with the same general specifications as Nacht.
It cannot be equipped with a supressor, and is a brighter 'white' gunsteel, so is far less useful in infiltration
or close encounter situations. However, Tag's true power comes from when Luca drops the military veteran
demeanor. When that happens, even devils may cry. Twin Handcannon firing with unlimited ammo from devil power will cause even supernatural entities to regret the day they were made. Tag is also made from the same devil empowerment as Nacht, so it can be used even in melee situations. The grip is also customised, but this one does not have the knife ridge of Nacht. Tag's frame is reinforced on the inside, so it's even better at upclose and personal shooting than at long range, since it's meant to be used to block blades. It's main purpose though is to dual-wield with it's sister, Nacht.

Regular Weapons:
Sniper Rifle:
Straight Blade Tactical Katana.
Combat Knife: VB GG by Strider Knives.

Devil: Holy energy wreaks havoc on him. As such, he doesn't like even being in a church or splashed by holy water. TRUE Holy energy however, will cause very hard to heal super damage and he'd really rather not have to deal with it at all. Note that blessed bullets count as 'irrerparable' damage but they hurt him as much as regular bullets would, due to his human blood. He will need a healer or actual outside regeneration to heal this, otherwise it's permanent.

NPC(s) to
go with char:

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