Schemata and Weapons/Armor Readouts on the Eye of Multiplicity

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Schemata and Weapons/Armor Readouts on the Eye of Multiplicity Empty Schemata and Weapons/Armor Readouts on the Eye of Multiplicity

Post by LocheEric on Wed Apr 21, 2010 6:36 pm

The Eye of Multiplicity, essentially a large metal sphere surrounded by four smaller spheres - is an incredibly complex ship that seems to require several hands on deck to actually pilot. At least 30 people - or enough attention to warrant 30 people - are needed to keep the ship's main system's running.

The Eye's chief purpose is as an electronics interference center, utilizing several satellites that orbit around it to deploy various system attacks and deceptive tactics. It carries little in the way of direct firepower, but has odd tricks here and there to stave off an attack.


Electrostatic Sphere - system one to four-manned - The Eye's four spherical satellites each emit four smaller electrically charged orbs that fire off and pursue 16 individual targets. Each orb fires off a single electrical beam at the enemy. This is best used against masses of enemies, but can also be used to focus fire on a single target, and is the Eye's chief point-defense system. Range is very short.

Type 00 Missile - system one to four-manned - These four missile bays lodged in each satellite fire off the Void's personal brand of harassment missile. It utilizes the briefest infusion of the Gift of Dimensional Space Magic to warp out of reality seconds after it's been fired, then reappears two rounds later at a designated target. Deals a fair bit of damage.

Resonating Ion Blast - The Eye of Multiplicity's most powerful attack, this weapon charges each sphere with ions, then swirls the spheres about itself, hitting every target in a large radius with a powerful ion blast. This deals immense damage to enemy shields and un-insulated electronics. This deals several times more damage if the enemy targets have hull breaches to expose vital systems. (This attack has a 3 round startup time.)


Energy Shield: - system one-manned - The Eye uses basic energy shields to defend itself, but these are not particularly powerful. Its strength, however, is that the energy shields abut the satellites themselves can be used to swing to trouble areas and specific points of defense. This doesn't greatly enhance the survivability of the satellites, but it does keep the main sphere well protected. Defense is easily the Eye's biggest weakness, as its armor is also not warship-class.


EMP Wave: system one-manned - Using the latest in electromagnetic countermeasures, the Eye can exude a field around it that can prevent its being targeted by radar or any sort of lock-on mechanism. Visual contact can be made to fire directly onto the Eye, but this takes a great deal more effort and care. The drawback is that Energy Shield must be manually dropped in order to use this tool.

SnB222 - system one-manned - Damon Decantes's own creation, SnB222 is a virus designed to eliminate and hamper information retrieval and any sort of data storage, as well as temporarily or permanently disable cyborgs, androids, and any being that runs on a CPU. Being able to transmit SnB222 requires no small amount of computer expertise and full attention.

Stealth - system one-manned - The Eye of Multiplicity is capable of stealth for one round. In order to prevent energy detection, shields must be dropped and weapons systems must be brought to a halt before this can be used.


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