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Post by The Friend on Thu Mar 19, 2009 9:30 pm

IRC Nickname: Friend
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): Ershin

Character Name: The Ziz
Original Dimension: Original setting

Race: "Human" (Augmented)
Age: 35 (?)
Sex: Male
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 173 lbs.
Likes: Musics of all kinds, sleeping, smoking
Dislikes: Abuse of power, lots of questioning, bad cooking

Physical Description (Or picture):

The Ziz Zizbabies-1
Season 2 update: Ziz has taken to wearing a simple black suit with a matching black tie and white shirt with a pair of slide-on dress boots. He's shaven his goatee off and has gotten a haircut as well.

The Ziz Pbucket
Old: The Ziz usually wears a white and black checkered shemagh that's heavily tattered, along with an olive green field jacket with a black t-shirt, fatigues and military boots. His hair is usually coiffed, covering his eyes and his tanned face is framed with stubble that leads into a goatee on his chin.

Powers and Special Abilities:

Imperfect Recurrence: Once an all-powerful living weapon, the Ziz lost all but a small fraction of his power after the collapse of the organization he was working for. Though he ages at a normal rate and is susceptible to all of the pitfalls of a normal human, he is able to survive without any sort of sustenance. His other ability is the ability to return to life after taking an extreme amount of damage. If he dies, any loss that might've occurred (i.e. a lost extremity or organ) is regenerated upon revival. After death, it takes 24 hours Ziz to return back to life, oftentimes with the loss of a vital sense. This sensory loss lasts another eight hours before his system returns back to normal.

The Ziz's sharpshooting and sniping abilities are also due to remnants of his former power. He can effectively snipe targets up to 4 kilometers. His accuracy has only faltered slightly over the years.

Weapons and Gear:

Wren-Tech .50 Super Magnum Sniper Rifle "Renanim" - A manual bolt-action anti-materiel sniper rifle. The Renanim fires .50 caliber armor-piercing rounds with an incendiary mix, made to kill any living it hits with only one shot. UPGRADE: The Renanim now has a plasma power-pack attachment.

Survival Gear - The Ziz carries a basic entrenching tool, bowie knife, water purification tablets and canteen in a bag on his person.

Stingray Suit - A thin bodyglove suit that represses Ziz's electromagnetic field. Made for him by a guy that needs to die already.

Ammunition pouch - A pouch that holds 25 Wren-Tech SM50s.

Weaknesses: The Ziz is susceptible to all of the normal things that would kill a human. Though he is eventually able to come back, he usually lacks the a major sense (smell, taste, touch or more importantly sight), which leaves him in a bad position should he be in the hands of the enemy.

Background (Please keep this semi-short - the best way to find out about a character is through roleplay):

There once was an company that was founded on a single tenet: "Protect your people, no matter what it takes." This company started out as an earnest group of scientists who wanted to benefit mankind with their discoveries, but over time its views and leadership changed hands and this small company was now an organization, one that quickly rose to power and in a surprisingly short amount of time, became a de facto government. The leaders of this new organization took it upon themselves to take full control of the continent and to do that it would need firepower beyond compare and thus the four were born.

They were the ultimate in science and terror; God-like beings that could level cities and destroy entire regiments with little more than a wave of the hand. They were created after the organization's initial prototypes discovered their true purpose and escaped. The prototypes were nothing in comparison to the new four, the beings that could wield the powers of the cosmos themselves. Ziz was one of these four and for some quite time he remembered these days fondly. There was nothing like having the ability to end the lives of thousands with just a thought or to teleport across vast distances in the blink of an eye. He was unstoppable and his brethern also reveled in their invincibility. The organization held a firm grip on the nation and eventually the world. When the organization was at its zenith, it held control over several worlds, using the four to keep the peace amongst its billions of citizens. But like all empires built on fear and domination, the organization's grip on its people began to loosen and eventually it was overthrown, but not without the destruction hundreds of cities and the deaths of millions.

The former citizens of the organization's regime tried to destroy the four, who were now stripped of nearly all of their abilities. Though they were killed and killed again, they would always come back to life, perplexing their would-be murderers. After months of tests, they were ultimately sentenced to the one thing they loathe the most: a normal existence. The four went their separate way, two of them married one and the other disappeared into obscurity. Ziz, now completely alone, struggled to adapt, but he found love in an unlikely person, one of the prototypes that had escaped death by his hand a few years back. In a short amount of time, the two were wed and started a family together, something he never thought he could do. And for a few years, he was truly happy which was something he thought he shouldn't deserve to be. His newfound happiness came to an abrupt end when another government tried to fill the power vacuum left by the organization Ziz had previously 'worked' for. Entire cities and planets fell into the routine of war and their home was no exception. Though he tried to escape with his wife and their children, he had to stay behind and help fight in a war he helped to bring about.

And so it's been ten years since he's seen his wife and children. His only memento of them is a single, wallet-sized picture of them taken a couple of weeks before the war broke out. In these ten long years of perpetual warfare, he had become a mercenary sniper, one of the best due to his unique constitution. He had learned what actual battle meant: the sting of loss, seeing the swaths of land that hundreds fought for obliterated with great ease and the deaths of those fighting to make a better tomorrow. He knew that he deserved this lifestyle, but he only wished that his family had escaped this nightmarish reality.

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Post by The Friend on Tue Jun 16, 2009 12:36 am

Power Unlock!

Weapon Name: Tzedek
Weapon Design: Longbow
Height: 6 feet

Description: A weapon made from photonic energy, the Tzedek is an extension of the Ziz's body. The bow itself glows in a soft blue color, making it easy to spot and therefore not the best weapon for sniping. The Tzedek fires cylindrical bolts of electromagnetism towards the target at 1200 feet per second. Due to this, the Tzedek is best used for situations in which Ziz cannot obtain maximum distance to be effective with the Renanim.

Abilities of the Tzedek:

The Tzedek can perform the following attacks. In addition, combination attacks can be performed at the the cost of additional ammunition. For example, a ‘Trick Arrivederci’ can be performed at the cost of both abilities at the same time.

Invocation: Forms the Tzedek from background electromagnetism and his own bioelectrical field. Upon formation, the Tzedek is able to form 30 electromagnetic bolts that float freely around Ziz. After these bolts are used, the Tzedek is dismissed. Invocation has a cooldown of 30 minutes, starting from the point when the Tzedek is dismissed.

Akashic Draw: Attempts to absorb background EMR from nearby sources to create ten additional electromagnetic bolts. Three hour cooldown.

Charged Shot: Fires a single electromagnetic bolt towards the target that explodes upon contact with the force of an explosive round with non-elemental electrical damage. This ability is more effective at closer ranges. Uses one bolt.

Trick Shot: Fires a single electromagnetic bolt towards the target that explodes upon contact. Trick Shot is able to bounce off of any surface where there is visible light, allowing bolts to bank off of certain objects and things. Trick Shot explodes upon contact with said target and deals non-elemental lightning damage. Uses one bolt.

Arrivederci: Combines five bolts into a complex super electromagnetic pulse bolt. Arrivederci fires a piercing bolt of electricity at the target that attempts to bore through it. Arrivederci can only be used on a target that has been struck five or more times by any of Tzedek's attacks. Uses five bolts.

Through Lightning, Justice is served: Combines five bolts into a single electromagnetic pulse bolt. The EMP bolt has no real effect against living creatures, but emits a powerful EMP Wave upon detonation, causing a surge of voltage that does aggravated damage towards machinery. Upon successful roll or at GM discretion, the EMP Bolt may also stun any machine within a 15 foot radius.

Ein Sof Aur: Consumes ten bolts to perform a rapid arrow vulcan ability. Ein Sof Aur fires a large yield spread of Charged Shots from above across a 30x30' area, making it ideal for large groups of enemies. Ein Sof Aur takes one turn to channel and has a cooldown of three hours.

Combination List:

Il lungo addio: Uses six bolts to perform a trick shot Arrivederci.

Wing of the Ziz: Uses ten bolts to perform an Arrivederci and Through Lightning, Justice is served combination.
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The Friend

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The Ziz Empty Re: The Ziz

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