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Post by Mythos on Fri Mar 20, 2009 5:20 pm

IRC Nickname: Mythos
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): .... ?

Character Name: Lumina Twilight
Original Dimension: Steampunk Fantasy Styled World. Yes.. Steampunk.. Fantasy.
Race: Were-Tiger (Tiger with the ability to change to full human guise if needed. Tends to stay in a hybrid form though.)
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Height: 5'4" (human), 5'6" (hybrid), 6' long (tiger)
Weight: 126 lbs (human), 138 lbs (hybrid), 237 lbs (tiger)
Likes: Relaxing and helping others. Feeling like she's doing something good.
Dislikes: Fighting and seeing the ugly side of people. Friends being harmed.

Physical Description (Or picture):
Lumina Twilight Luminaportrait
She is a very physically fit girl.. or tiger.. or.. yeah. She has bright emerald green eyes, with pure white hair that is short. When she is in her various stages of hybrid form she has black furred ears and a tail.. or if she is further changed along she is white with black stripes, a white tiger. In her human/hybrid form, it's obvious she's slightly muscled, though she does not look like a body builder.

Powers and Special Abilities: She is a were-tiger. She is neither human or tiger, as she is a mixture of the two. People consider her kind to be tigers with the ability to disguise themselves as humans.. but the truth is they are simply a being able to choose either form. They have the thought process and intellect of humans, with the instincts and primal feelings of animals.

When she is in human form, she is able to move very nimbly and a little bit faster than a normal person, though she is basically even in ability with the average martial artist human out there. When she goes into hybrid mode.. or 'feral mode' as some might call it, she gains an almost super speed and strength, able to fight like some sort of Final Fantasy character. She can lift up to ten times her weight and move about three to four times faster than an average human. Being a were-tiger, her kind is usually used as 'assault troops' as they have the strength and stamina to outlast most normal armies. She also has an enhanced sense of hearing and smell in this form. Oh, right... she can also see in the dark.

In tiger form she is able to move with almost perfect stealth and nimbleness. She also has the normal raw strength and speed of a full grown tiger, though it's considerably weaker than her hybrid form. She also has enhanced hearing and sense of smell in this form. She can also see in the dark.

Weapons and Gear: As she comes from a steampunk world, she did not simply get by with her normal talents. She takes with her a special kind of armor and weaponry. It's usually simply referred to as being a enhance bio-suit, with no fancy name to it, as no one cared to name an armor for a 'halfling' such as her. (Halfling being an insult to a were.) It comes on her normally as twin bracelets on her wrists, that are permamently attached to her in all of her forms, able to shift with her. When activated, it spreads along her body, forming a skintight suit that forms on all of her forms, able to protect her from average stray gunfire and knife attacks. An enhanced mode adds heavy armor that can deflect most types of attacks, meant for full on war... though it considerably slows down her functionality and agility. IF she wears her armor in tiger form, she is meant to be more or less used as a mount for someone else to ride on. The armor also comes with a helmet with a visor... but only in heavy armor mode.

She also has a special rifle that shoots energy shots, much like a shotgun, with a self replenishing battery (though the battery can be drained and in need of manual recharge if turned into overload mode, in which the gun goes into rapid-fire). This she has to hold with her hands, and is unavailable to her in tiger form, though it can mount to the side of her tiger form armor.

Weaknesses: As was previously mentioned, she is a bit of a feral being. She likes eating things raw.. and the smell of blood may excite her on accident. She has a super sensitivity to sound when in her hybrid or tiger form.. and can be used against her if in the wrong situation (Same goes for her sense of smell).

Her body was modified to use more stamina and adrenaline when in her hybrid form for fighting, increasing her speed and strength, though when she stops fighting she is wiped out and unable to mount so much as a basic defense, as the fighting mode leaves her completely worn out (This isn't always active when in hybrid form.. but if she starts to actually fight it kicks on whether she wants it to or not, and can not control it).

If her armor is severely damaged she can do an emergency release to take it off and attempt to repair it.. but if she is unable to, the armor may never be used again.

She also has an unreasonable fear of dragons or creatures that may remind her of a dragon.

Her last weakness is she can be distracted when in a relaxed mode by fish or something shiny.

Background (Please keep this semi-short - the best way to find out about a character is through roleplay):

Lumina Twilight was born in a were-tiger clan, a race that is usually peaceful and easy going. They had an average level of technologicl progress, about early 20th century industry, which slowly progressed since her kind does not usually use any mode of transportation and did not care for entertainment via radio or television.

Her world, unknown to her, was constantly at war. The humans of the world were allied with the elves, having a very techologically enhanced culture, constantly fought with what could be called the barbaric dragons. The dragons, unable to beat the humans and elves, sought to take over more of the planet to bolster their numbers. This ended up in the irradication of Lumina Twilight's clan.. or near total annihilation. She was saved at a young age with a few dozen others by the humans of the world.

This was a blessing.. and a curse. Instead of fully being 'saved'... she was enslaved. She ended up bring trained and bred for war against the dragons, the humans using her hatred of the dragons to motivate her. Sure, she had her freedom and ability to roam free, but when push came to shove, she had to fight whether she wanted to or not.

After some events, the war escalated and almost ended... when the planet as a whole was assaulted by an unknown force and almost wiped from existance.

When Lumina next regained conciousness.. she was in a place run by something called the CoRe...


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