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Post by Horo on Fri Mar 20, 2009 8:30 pm

IRC Nickname: Horo
Alternate IRC Nickname(s):

Character Name: Arisu Hayate
Original Dimension: Namco x Capcom

Race: Half-Kitsune
Age: 17 (True Age: 37)
Sex: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 157lbs
Likes: Aburage, Humor
Dislikes: Taking things too seriously

Physical Description (Or picture):
Physically fit young man, reddish brown hair in a mop on his head with the back grown out long, pulled into a low ponytail which is white at the end. Deep red eyes show a hint of not being totally human, his expressions are usually found in a sneaky grin. His mode of dress seems almost like a uniform, set with black clothes with a red jacket over. He usually wears a black t-shirt and black denim jeans with wrist and ankle wraps overlayed by armored tekko and kyahan.

Powers and Special Abilities:
Illusion: Illusion spells create visual and auditory images to fool others. Has varied effects against mechanical sensors. (Eg: Cameras will take pictures, but thermagraphs will not see body heat) True seeing abilities and spells can see through.
He can use this ability on himself to hide his fox ears and tail, also to make himself look like an ordinary fox.
Foxfire: Ability to create magical fire. Also can control normal fires.

Ofuda Abilities;
Warding - Spirits, other supernatural, physical. Strength of wards decend in that order
Paralysis - Paralyze living creatures which special ofuda are affixed to

Shikigami Familiar - Peregrine Falcon: Able to summon a single familiar which shares its senses with him. Hayate himself will recieve damage if the familiar does.

Sensing - Youki, Reiki, Spiritual, Demonic (Minor), Hellish (Minor), Danger Sense (minor).
Kimon Fuuji - A strong area effect paralysis and electrical damage
Purification rituals - Can remove an area of hauntings by spirits
Feng Shui - Basic, the non-magical kind

The following abilities are used in conjunction with his guns. The guns do not use normal ammunition, but fires special effect bullets using his own internal energy.
Kitsune-bi - Creates a bullet of foxfire.
Byakko-hou - Creates a blast of youki. (Acts like normal bullets, dissapates on impact)
Seiryuu-sou - Creates a bullet of ice. (Freezes on contact)

Jyuu no Kata - Gun kata utilizing akimbo pistols and their ability to form into daggers with ice and fire blades when needed. Strong against large numbers of weaker opponents.
Kin no Kata - Forms a shield in front of his body with enough concentration. While shield is up, cannot move or take any other action than talk.

Weapons and Gear:
Kaen & Hyouga - Dual Colt SOCOM style guns, spiritual in nature, does not take normal magazines for the gun type. Gun handle can rotate 90 degrees to become a straight hilt type weapon from the barrel protrudes a blade of fire and ice.
Feng shui compass

Easily distracted by the presence of kitsune udon/aburage
Highly weakened in non-magical areas.

Background :
After the Shibuya incident that sealed off the ward which his parents fought to rectify, they settled down and was blessed with a baby boy who they named Hayate. He was born and raised in Tokyo Japan, Hayate from early in his life worked hard to emulate his parents in the work they do as paranormal investigators for the Government organization Shinra. His strong spiritual sense and latent power allowed him to progress in the organization, where he currently takes solo jobs assigned to him by the origanization with his most recent one being an investigation of what appeared to be a repeat of the Shibuya incident...

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Arisu Hayate Empty Re: Arisu Hayate

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