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Damia and Harrowing Empty Damia and Harrowing

Post by NatsumeAtsuko on Wed Mar 25, 2009 7:20 pm

IRC Nickname: Natsume`Atsuko
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): I-No

Character Name: Damia
Original Dimension: Unknown

Race: NAVI
Age: Unknown
Sex: Female
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120lbs
Likes: Her ship <3 <3 <3
Dislikes: A dirty ship

Physical Description (Or picture): Long teal colored hair and golden eyes,
tends to dress in what pretty much looks like beach wear.

Powers and Special Abilities: As a bio-syn NAVI, Damia has the ability to
communicate with other machines. She is able to mentally link with and assume
control of other systems and AI's to assume Navigational control over them.
Her range for this is about 100 feet, her range with being able to activate
and control her fighter is 100 miles.

Weapons and Gear:
Harrowing, her long range fighter.

Harrowing: Rumored to be one of the most powerful long range fighters ever
designed. In addition to its impressive weaponry, it carries more design
innovations than the newest Interplanetary-class cruisers in rotation, and
several technological advances far beyond anything even conceptualized by
humans. Several researchers have made the claim that the ship is not of human
design, or at least not of current human technology. Harrowing is 'alive' in a
sense, but not aware on a noticable level. It uses Damia as its primary AI
for all systems.

Drive Systems: It appears to have a fairly conventional appearing N-Space
drive. The differences are that the Harrowing is apparently much more
manuverable at any speed, and is capable of functioning in gravity fields and
atmosphere with no restrictions. While this is not revolutionary technology,
no modern ship-of-the-line has been constructed to do this--it is usually
weight and cost inefficient on deep-space cruisers. Some researchers have
postulated that the Harrowing may have some advanced form of contragrav
generators, although without further information, this is mere speculation.

The Harrowing's most amazing feature, is its ability to pass in and out of
hyperspace without the use of a Gate. Even more amazing is its accuracy, able
to leave hyperspace even while inside another starship. No aspect of modern
technology comes close to explaining how a relatively small ship is capable of
doing the job of a million-ton and perfectly placed hyperspace Gate.

Primary Weaponry: Offensively, the Harrowing is a dangerous threat. Its
primary weapon array consists of eight plasma-laser emitters located on the
lower pylon. More deadly than regular lasers or plasma cannons, the emitters
project a stream of plasma shaped in a magnetic field propelled by a laser
beam. The end result is a superhot stream able to be formed into any shape,
with enough power to slice most alloys in two. Analysis of combat files and
other specific reports indicate that the streams usually take the form of
"whips", or can be focused into a steady stream that can slice straight
through a M-Class starfreighter--or totally demolish small fighters. Accuracy
is also high quality: able to slice a cruiser into pieces without harming the
escape pods containing fleeing crew within.

Secondary Weaponry: The other major weaponry aboard the Harrowing are four
general purpose missile-tubes. Conventional weapons, they are nevertheless
still dangerous--the tubes are equilivent to the Military-Unlimited class,
capable of launching even Mark VI antiship torpedoes.
Several other specific-purpose weapon systems are aboard, the technology of
which has not been satisfactorily explained. Among those include a space-
version of a grappling hook and an advanced form of deflector shield. The
shield is the more interesting of the two, reinforcing the Harrowing to such
a degree that it can smash through external hull platings and bulkheads with
ease. Again, the ship's hull seems to play some part in how this is
accomplished, although one researcher has termed it "Molecular Particle

DM Plot Weapon aka The Resonance Cannon: The final weapon, however, is its
most dangerous. In extreme conditions, the Harrowing can employ a mind-
bogglingly powerful Energy Resonance cannon. After the deployment of several
ancillary structures, and approximately 10 seconds for charging, the ship can
discharge a gigantic bolt of pure Bio-Energy. Capable of totally disrupting
particle and laser beams in the bolt's path, it displayed no trouble
penetrating the defenses of the Citadel: a ship that was in numerous
violations of the NuGeneva Convention on ship size and armament-to-defense

Defensive Systems: Conversely, the Harrowing does not display strong defenses.
Analysis indicates that the shields used are of standard design, and average
for its weight class. A concentrated attack might be able to severely
damage/disable the ship. Of course, the ship's ability to dive back into
hyperspace means it wont sit still to allow its shields to be overwhelmed so
easily. However, the more amazing part is the hull plating. The starship's
hull is, to their estimation, made completely out of pasha. As you know, pasha
is an energy-amplifying metal found in minute quantites, usually in remote
asteroid fields. Not more than a few hundred tons have ever been found, and
yet the Harrowing would have to have had close to a thousand if the hull was
made completely out of pasha. This helps explain some of the remarkable
technological achievments displayed, although raises even more questions. The
only other item of interest was the unusual energy readings displayed as
visible rings that rotated steadily after a battle had damaged the vessel. No
adequate explanation was available at the time, but it is postulated that it
may be a kind of self-healing process based on the end result.

Weaknesses: She directly feels any damage done to Harrowing as her own.
Destroying Harrowing completely destroys her too. Damia can be infected by
computer viruses and an EMP will cause her to temporarily shut down for about
5-10 minutes while she 'boots up' again. Note that any serious damage done to Damia will cause Harrowing to shut down all offensive manuevers and go right into repair mode until it's healed as it works on both the ship and Damia.


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Damia and Harrowing Empty Re: Damia and Harrowing

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