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Post by MajorJim on Thu Jun 18, 2009 8:46 am

The Marshalship and the Void: an oral history of the Reven conflict and those who participated in it

Volume 2: The Siege of Seron

Preface: Already posted in stories

Chapter 1 goes over the events of the previous book in a light gloss

Chapter 2 is called Soldiers: And gives the back-history of each player character Jim has interviewed. (Listing them all would take too long). THe backhistories are word for word transcriptions, edited only for length or importance to the book as a whole. This includes the Reven and Raven interviews, as well as the verse swiftblade interview, with an addendum with extra research on Reven indicating his desire to make himself into a god of sorts, as well as a detailed analysis of why his Alexander-style method of Heroic leadership is completely unsuited to any sort of governmental structure in the latter-day multiverse. These interviews, timewise, include up to and including the interview with O’re’sovar.

Chapter 3 is called Operations, and lists every fight since the engagement with Metal Sonic, including the siege of seron, and also lists the medical and humanitarian work the medical team of the blaze has done as well.

Chapter 4 is called The Void, and has a very detailed breakdown of the forces they’ve fielded thus far, how they’ve been defeated, and their relative weakness without strong leadership, and will actually, in Jim’s own analysis as well as his narrative voice, point out they are functioning with an outdated leadership structure. It includes detailed battlefield performance analysis of the Death angel, the Jalthi and Dralthi fighters, the Agamemnon, and the Fralthi-class carrier. It also describes the Void itself as a craft that can be weakened and made to run. It also briefly gives as mech technical data as possible within a scholarly monograph on the Mass production EVA units, while admitting certain aspects of these odd robots are a mystery to him. It describes in detail what research has been done on the infested tarrasque chunks they salvaged, as well. (note jim would avoid revealing any official marshalship secrets in this chapter, and would clear the data with Ralf or Aria first.)

Chapter 5 is called Mourning, and describes in detail the FOA memorial services as well as the specific one for Evan pryde, temporarily digressing into Jim’s personal experiences with Evan, and ends with a note of resolution, indicating the question of why this war is ongoing from the first book has been, by and large, answered, the remaining question is how it will end. Jim will postulate that Reven –will- fail, but it will depend strongly on the wills of those within the Marshalship and CoRe to continue fighting hard and accept sacrifices.

Note: this book has not been published yet, just posting up the extract of what's in it. There will be a follow-up announcement for when the book itself is published.

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