Notice to All Crew: Condensed Principles of Field Operations

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Notice to All Crew:  Condensed Principles of Field Operations Empty Notice to All Crew: Condensed Principles of Field Operations

Post by Exacerangutan on Thu Jun 25, 2009 12:41 am

All personnel with nonmilitary backgrounds are strongly encouraged to seek training and advice from veteran soldiers to assist them in developing their skill at applying the following operational principles. Technology and combat proficiency are invaluable assets, but adhering as a unit to sound operational principles is at least equally important. If any of the principles below are unclear, inquire with the field commanders. Remember that these principles are intended as guidelines: the right choice in one situation may be the wrong choice in a very similar one and experience is the best teacher of sound operational judgment.

Unity: For a field unit to effectively execute tactical and operation objectives requires careful timing and placement of force; this requires unity of action, which requires unity of command. In any field unit, there should be one recognized commander and that commander's orders should be carried out to the best ability of all personnel in the unit. Personnel are expected to object to glaringly tactically or ethically flawed orders, but casual neglect for unity of purpose can breed resentment and distrust among unit personnel, which always undermines a unit's effectiveness. Objections to orders are to be declared, but once heard out, are not to be sustained; all protestations against field commands are to be acknowledged in debriefing and filed formally with the command staff for investigation when the opportunity arises.

Communication: Clear, concise, and thorough communication both up and down the chain of command is vitally necessary both for the field unit and its commander, so that effective orders may be formulated, and so that those orders may be effectively carried out. All pertinent information should be passed along as clearly as possible in both directions, and personnel acting on initiative should make certain that they do not omit information because of personal considerations, or the operation or entire unit may be jeopardized. Personnel are expected to pay attention to orders regarding operational tasks which take place concurrently with or rely upon their own, and to ask for clarification promptly if the details of an operation are unclear. Especially when acting on initiative, personnel should clearly express what they are doing, the objective, and the position.

Objectivity: While the battlefield experience is intensely emotional and personal, it is necessary for all personnel to operate as objectively as they are able during field operations. Personal investment in the situation must be suppressed as much as possible to encourage effective execution of commands, and to resist falling into rash action which is unnecessarily personally dangerous or which undermines the unit's unity of action. Focus and vigilance should be maintained at all times by combat personnel. In particular, commanders are expected to assign tasks based on recognized ability and suppress any and all personal matters involving those under their command.

Initiative: Combat personnel are expected to be in situations where necessity or opportunity may call for swift action without the opportunity to request new orders, and as such, are expected to develop the combination of good sense, character, and boldness to act with initiative while taking care not to interfere with the unit's objectives. All personnel should familiarize themselves with—and be clearly informed by their leaders about—mission objectives. Note that the need for initiative is not an excuse for showmanship on the field of operations: with new orders readily available, they should be followed. Any maneuver more complicated than seizing strategic materials or firing on opportunity, including feints and diversionary tactics, should be discussed with the unit commander whenever possible.

Responsibility: In any field unit of any size, it is vitally important for all personnel—as well as the unit's commander—to recognize and consider at all times their responsibilities. In particular, the unit personnel are responsible primarily for the effective execution of their commander's orders; a unit commander is responsible not only for ensuring that the unit effectively executes the orders of superiors, but additionally is responsible for every subordinate member of the unit. All personnel are expected to take responsibility for their failures: this means acknowledging inabilities and mistakes of judgment and working promptly to correct for them.

-- Maj. J. Egret, B.o.G. Sec. Chief, Tactical Operations Joint Field Commander

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Notice to All Crew:  Condensed Principles of Field Operations Empty Re: Notice to All Crew: Condensed Principles of Field Operations

Post by Excellen on Thu Jun 25, 2009 12:51 am

The standards of conduct detailed above have been reviewed and adjusted to mutual agreement. I fully endorse each and every statement above.

- Seiya Sumeragi, Blaze of Glory Spiritual Consultant, Paranormal Operations Joint Field Commander


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