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Post by Sokai on Thu Mar 19, 2009 2:05 am

A public list, posted around the Blaze of Glory for ease of access. Any unfilled position may be applied for through Captain Ralf Derrison. Crew, particularly combat specialists, do not require an official position, nor do dimensional refugees or passengers. Crew can also hold multiple positions as applicable to time and duty management. A few positions may be filled by more than one character, please check with a GM if you're interested in an already filled position.

Blaze of Glory Crew Positions (Current as of 02/15/10)


Captain - Ralf Derrison
First Mate -
Crew Chief -

Field Command:

Paranormal Operations Field Commander - Seiya Sumeragi
Tactical Operations Field Commander - Jacqueline Egret

Engineering (works with Science):

Chief Engineer - Sokai Hemmingway (non-contract)
Chief Engineer's Assistant -
Head Mech Mechanic - Lucy Testarossa
Head Mech Mechanic's Assistant - Shin Wei Lee
Head Ship Mechanic - Challen Ravess
Head Ship Mechanic's Assistant -
Other Engineers/Mechanics - Alex Scott, Ryuji

Security (works with Mental Health Services):

Chief of Security - Jacqueline Egret
Chief of Security's Assistant - Hal Jordan
Security Officers - Shishio Yuriko, Aliciel Rozencratz, Jon Freash, Shaila Swiftblade, Revia Bowen, The Ziz, Marcus Ramirez, Glen Ichimonji

Science (works with Engineering):

Chief Science Officer - Crono Arinborn
Chief Science Officer's Assistant - Genevieve Arinborn Derrison
Thaumaturgical Study and Theory - Aedin de Fionn, Ziranathz
Research and Development - Shu Shirakawa
Ship AI/OS Specialist -
Simulation Specialist - Crono Arinborn
Scanner Specialist - Neoko Nemura
Science Officers/R&D Team -

Medical (works with Mental Health Services):

Head Doctor - Ness Leigh
Head Doctor's Assistant - Genevieve Arinborn Derrison
General Practitioners - Seijou Yuzaki
Surgeon - Seijou Yuzaki
Pharmacist -
Nurses -

Mental Health Services (works with Medical and Security):

Head Counselor - Quatre Winner
Counselor's Assistant -
Forensic Psychologist -
Therapists -

Diplomacy and Public Relations:

Ambassador (Head of Public Relations) - Suzuka-hime
Translator -
Consuls/Diplomats - Iraia T'Soni, Quatre Winner


Squad Tactics and Teamwork Instructor - Shishio Yuriko
Firearms and Marksmanship Instructor(s)- Tristan Cless
Martial Arts and Melee Weapons Instructor(s)- Crono Arinborn
Flight Instructor(s) - (filled, awaiting RP)
Certified Magic Instructor(s) - Keona Tay'al, Cytorix of Tolaria
*All magic instructors are also expected to take non-magic using students into account. Teaching magic basics and strategies for dealing with magical enemies and allies to non-magical students is an important part of their jobs. In order to become an instructor, one must have Marshalship certification.

(All characters wanting to learn new skills should ask GMs first!)

Ship and Crew Resources:

Ship's Pilot - Nikolai Aleksandrovich Yevtushenko
Dimensional Navigations Specialist - Rosalind Delgado
Ship's Weapons Specialists (Gunners) - Revia Bowen
Gunsmith -
Gunsmith's Assistant -
Weaponsmith (Melee) - Baelor Ironhewn
Quartermaster (Ranged Weapons) - Luca Sparda
Quartermaster (Melee Weapons, Armor, Misc) - Galvan Swiftblade
Quartermasters' Assistant - Shaila Swiftblade


Head Chef - Angelique la Croix
Head Chef's Assistant - The Ziz
Line Cook -
Dishwashers - Lumina Twilight


Head Janitor -
Head Janitor's Assistant -
Biometrics Caretaker - Hali Timberly
Custodians -

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