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The Other Major Divas Descriptions! Empty The Other Major Divas Descriptions!

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The Other Four Divas

Major Vivica Bristow, 1st Command of Aerial Division

Race: Human
Sex: Female
Age: 26
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Likes: Cooking, shopping, singing, flight, and Ali.
Dislikes: Ali's cooking, grouchy people (or AI's), and people doing harm onto Ali.

Physical Appearance: Vivica is a slender, tall, young beauty in the eyes of others. She has soft, white skin with a hint of a tan and well-manicured fingernails. She has bright, blue eyes that compliment her long, waves of golden curls that reach past her lower back. She likes to wear makeup and will wear a very subtle pink blush on her cheeks, some glitter around the eyes, and a light red lipstick.
She looks very mature for her age and carries a sisterly, maybe even possibly, a motherly aura about her figure. Once in a while, Vivica will wear a silver, diamond barrette in the back of her hair when she needs to feel an extra boost of vanity. Most of the times, you'll find her in exactly the same kind of military uniform that Ali wears, except that her shoes have ribbons that lace around the lower part of her leg and tie shortly below her knees. Other times, she's more or less found in some sort of spring or flowing dress of some kind with ribbon sandals.

Personality: Vivica is practically as sweet as Ali, only perhaps a bit on the brighter side. Vivica has her cheery, sweet disposition, but she can also be just as crossed or angry if someone were to provoke her. She's honest when she needs to be and loves helping people or trying to make them smile with her cooking. But, she does understand the fine line between being considerate and just being a doormat like Ali. She's protective of her friends and family to a fault, especially Ali because it seems to her that Ali needs the protection the most.
Vivica is not afraid to be friendly with someone or flaunt her beauty. She has a lot of confidence in her looks and others around her. She believes in second chances and would rather find the good in someone than the negative emotions. However, if it comes down to conflict, she will stand up for herself and anyone around her that are being pulled into it. Vivica sees Ali like a younger sister and will open up her arms to others first before judging.

Transformation into her Diva, Aphrodite:

Relationship: Ali's Best Friend from Sion, her family owns a bakery in the business districts inside the inner wall of Alta called the Bristow Bakery.


Major Noir Lancaster, 2nd Command of Aerial Division and Strategy

Race: Human
Sex: Female
Age: 32
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Likes: Flight, reading, classic rock, peace and quiet.
Dislikes: Silliness, girly girls, and foreigners.

Physical Appearance: Noir is a bit taller than Ali, but she's still short compared to Vivica. She has mild, tanned skin that's a light caramel color. Her eyes to her dismay, are a pastel pink and she has short, dark purple hair that stops slightly below her chin and brushes off her neck. Her bangs are brushed off to the side, covering one eye slightly. Also, she has a pair of small, black hoops pierced into her ears.
Noir wears the same military uniform that all the Major Divas wear with the slight alteration that her shoes are knee-high, laced up, combat boots. Outside of combat, Noir will style regular, old jeans, a camouflage tank top, a pair of leather gloves, and her combat boots.

Personality: Noir is very sarcastic sometimes and has a sharp tongue. At first, she seems to always be grouchy and have something bugging her. But in reality, she just takes things very seriously. Noir is a very direct, serious girl, and she does not appreciate silliness in the slightest forms, especially the antics of Ali, Vivica, and Mira most of the time. Once in a while, she'll get annoyed by Vivica's sense of girlyness.
Noir likes things short, simple, and to the point and usually wants an answer to her questions right away whether you have the answer or not. Sometimes, she may come off as a bit forceful or bossy, but she most likely just has the well-being of the group in mind and tries to steer people into the right direction. She feels responsible for the failures and successes of missions. This might possibly be due to the fact that she's the oldest out of the group of girls and feels the most responsible overall. She's also very combat-oriented and is not afraid to really push her limits or hurt someone several, whether its a good thing or a bad thing yet. She also likes to call Ali "Bubble head" and Mira "Shorty".

Transformation into her Diva, Erinyes.
Erinyes is -exactly- the same as Aphrodite with just a different color palette. Instead of frilly, white angel wings, she has black ones. Instead of a color scheme of white and pink, Erinyes is purple and dark pink. Erinyes also has arm blades that are much, much longer than Aphrodite or Athena's and rivals them in that respect.

Relations: Friend to the other four Divas, her family is the typical office worker and housewife scenario.


Major Lorelei Grants, 1st Command of Supportive Tactics

Race: Human
Sex: Female
Age: 28
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 138 lbs.
Likes: Jewelry, tea, fine dining, and playing the harp.
Dislikes: Horrible music, soda, Noir's rudeness, bickering, and crowds.

Physical Appearance: Lorelei gives off a very high class, prissy air from around herself. She has fine, delicate hands with a buttermilk complexion, as in her skin looks smooth and creamy, not ghostly pale. She straight, long, blue hair that's braided somewhat in the back held together with a white bow. She has straight bangs that cover her forehead above her teal colored eyes. She also wears oval-shaped glasses. As far as clothing, she mostly wears the same military uniform as all the other Majors with flat, strap buckled dress shoes. Out of combat she'll be wearing a nice dress blouse, pleated skirt, dress shoes, or some other dull, boring aristocratic style.

Personality: Lorelei is the silent mediator of the group of Divas. She's very quiet most of the time and shy toward newcomers. She's mainly shy because she can never find any words to say at the time and isn't good with crowds of people. The only time she said much is when its important or asked a question, lots of time she finds contentment in being a listener. Which is good and well, she's a great listener, just a poor socialite which makes it hard to fit in the class she was raised in from birth.
Lorelei dislikes conflict within the group and usually takes the mature stand in breaking up arguments between Noir and the others. It does annoy her once in a while, but she lets things go. She's also a very finicky eater and only likes fine cuisine which is a cause to her detestably of carbonated drinks such as soda. She doesn't feel drinking soda is refined or even remotely pleasant enough. Most of the time, she can be found playing her harp to soothe the souls of her disgruntled team members as well as her own self.

Transformation into her Diva, Hestia:

Relations: Friend to the other four Divas, her family owns a line of florist and fashion boutiques that procure their wealth.


Major Mira Lunaca, 1st Command of Long Range and Technical Tactics

Race: Human
Sex: Female
Age: 25
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 118 lbs.
Likes: Computers, tech stuff, being silly, root beer, and experimenting.
Dislikes: Makeup, vegetables, being called "shorty", and work.

Physical Appearance: Mira is the shortest team member and probably the least looking intimidating one. She has fairly dark skin, close to the darkness an islander would have from the sun exposure. She has bright green eyes and short, straight red hair with blonde highlights. Her hair is usually carried into a messy bun in the back that spikes and flares outward into a crazy, yet fairly nice looking style. She also has a tattoo of a flaming bunny rabbit (A cute bunny hopping away with flames) on her left shoulder. Mostly, she'll be wearing the same military uniform that all the other Majors wear with just some regular sneakers because she hates heels and can't work in them that well save for her Diva suit. Outside of combat, Mira can be found in simple clothes like cargo pants, a tube top underneath a mesh vest, goggles, and sneakers.

Personality: Mira is the one that keeps her group of friends entertained with random acts of silliness and fun. Mira is very humorous and likes to joke around lighten the mood. She's kind and gentle, but extremely playful and hyper lots of the times. She's also quick to anger and provoke, almost reminiscent of a certain AI sometimes. She's usually cheerful and always in a good mood unless said otherwise. Her good moods are usually broken by Noir whom seems to enjoy teasing Mira's shortness a lot which gets on Mira's nerves easily. Then, Lorelei will have to break up the conflict before it gets out of hand.
She's quick to defend those she cares about though from others that prove the opposite in her eyes. She doesn't like seeing others in sullen or depressed moods and always tries to cheer them up one way or another. Mira's just your average, lovable girl that gets on people's nerves sometimes, but also warms their hearts in another way.

Her Transformation into her Diva, Amphitrite:

Relations: Friend to the other four Divas, her family owns a bookstore.

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