CTI Presents: The Gatekeeper Technology Innovations Meet up

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CTI Presents: The Gatekeeper Technology Innovations Meet up Empty CTI Presents: The Gatekeeper Technology Innovations Meet up

Post by Crono on Mon Jul 13, 2009 4:38 pm

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What: Technology Innovations Meet Up and Conference
When: Thursday, July 19th, 6PM MST(Multiverse Standard Time)
Where: CTI Headquarters Conference Hall C, Top Floor
Why: To discuss new or upcoming topics in the realm of science and technology, socialize, make contacts, and share ideas.
What else: Free catering for the evening, open invitation.
Host and Contact: Crono Arinborn - CTI Field Research Division, cronoa@cti.gk.net, Office B-4 Floor 5.


The CoRe Technology Initiative is proud to present our first Gatekeeper Technology Innovations meet up. This event is open invitation in both attendance and presentation. Technology talks and demos will be given from a variety of sources, corporate and individuals both. If you have something you wish to share and present to the community please contact the host, time will be allotted on a first come, first serve basis. Catering will be available, and mingling after the presentations is both accepted and encouraged to promote further communication between the growing trends of technology in an ever-expanding multiverse. Looking forward to seeing you all and the growth to be obtained.

-Crono Arinborn

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