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#DimensionJumpersRPG Character Sheet (Gatekeeper Chars) Empty #DimensionJumpersRPG Character Sheet (Gatekeeper Chars)

Post by Sokai on Thu Mar 19, 2009 8:29 pm

The basic character sheet for applying to the channel. Feel free to take some liberties with it but try not to edit it too much. Please post it on this board under a new thread. One character sheet per thread, please. The new thread's title should be the character's name. Character applications will only be accepted via the forums, please do not DCC send or e-mail.

These forums are specifically for characters only to be play on-board the Marshalship's Headquarters of Gatekeeper, an Interdimensional Space Platform. Gatekeeper characters will probably not see combat and are mostly for fun and filler, to help portray Gatekeeper as the bustling space hub it is. There is not a cap to the number of Gatekeeper characters you may play.

IRC Nickname:
Alternate IRC Nickname(s):

Character Name:
Original Dimension (this should refer to anime/TV show/movie/etc your character is from, if they are an original based in that world or an established from that world):


Physical Description (Or picture):

Powers and Special Abilities:

Weapons and Gear:


Background (Please keep this semi-short):

Reason for being on Gatekeeper:

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