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Miyako (Old Character) Empty Miyako (Old Character)

Post by Mythos on Tue Jun 30, 2009 4:43 pm

Name: Miyako
Age: 17
Sex: Female
*B-day: August 22nd
*Bloodtype: AB
*Place of Birth: Earth 31b
*Parents: Unknown, dead.
*Nationality: Caucasian/Asian mix
*Hobbies: Works on engines and electronics found in junk yards, making workable stuff out of them.
*Bad Habit: Does everything righthanded, so is sometimes 'clumsy'.
*Likes: Machinery and mechanics.
*Dislikes: Things moving at a slow pace.
*Favorite Music: Celtic Trance
*Favorite Sport: ... Boxing.
Most Valuable Possession: her gloves with attachments that go all the way up either of her arms.
*Level of Education: She never partook in a school, but she did learn things from a 'guardian', having been home schooled in mechanics and electronics.

Physical Stats
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 097 lbs
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black

APPEARANCE: She has fair white skin, with hair touching her shoulders, even short bangs in the front, and a single braid down the back mixed in with normal long hair. Her eyes only have a hint of being asian, otherwise normally shaped. She has well developed muscles from being a working girl in the busy world, doing everything by hand.. but she is in no way a body builder.

PERSONALITY: She is a sort of loner type, liking to do her own thing and stay away from others, due to her.. special ability. She longs for companionship and belonging, but is scared it will rain doom upon any friends she may make.



Miyako comes from a dimension where her parents died when she was but a young baby. She was cared for by her uncle instead, growing up to become a regular mechanic and engineering genius.

When she hit puberty, she noticed she had an odd ability. If she touched something for too long she could turn her arm into what she touched.. element wise. She did not have control of the ability at first... and had to hide in fear for having it. Her world did not take kind to people having unusual abilities, and with that she and her Uncle moved to a country where people of.. similar traits gathered to live peacefully.

Things were far from peaceful.

People were still cruel and mean since she ended up acting weird.. wearing her oversized gloves and never wanting to touch things directly. For a while things were peaceful, if not hard due to not being able to get a good steady job.. ending up helping her Uncle run a junkyard until his unfortunate death by heart attack. Alone and miserable, she kept the place going but no one nearly ever visited her.

Her planet is very technologically advanced. It's a planet inhabited by the people of Earth as we spread out into space. She lives on a rather desolate and neglected planet though, but she does come by some nice machinery and advanced spaceship engine parts and such from time to time.


SPECIAL ABILITIES, SKILLS AND/OR POWERS: She has the ability to touch any element and have her left arm turn into that element. Fire, water, wood, plants, plasma, metal, etc etc. She can 'remember it' for a week straight, unless she touches and 'learns' some other element for the time being.


ITEMS OF NOTE: Her special arm sleeves and gloves.

GOALS: To find a place to belong.

WEAKNESSES: Fear of the idea of laboratories, or people wanting to examine her. Also afraid of people finding out about her abilities.. even the closest friends she could possibly make.


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