Daneys Hot Springs Trip

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Daneys Hot Springs Trip Empty Daneys Hot Springs Trip

Post by Lucian on Wed Mar 10, 2010 1:42 am

TO: BoG Crew
FROM: Takamachi Nanoha
SUBJ: Hot Springs!

While on patrol today, I located some very lovely hot springs in the mountains a couple hundred kilometers away. These springs overlook an absolutely breathtaking view of the nearby valley.

With everyone working so hard, I thought it would be great to organize a trip there. Pending authorization from the Captain and from Field Officer Sumeragi, let's work on getting set up and heading to the camp site tomorrow! I figure we can spend at least a few days while we're out there, enjoying some relaxing springs.

Please make sure you've cleared it with Sumeragi or your immediate superior; other than that, let's have fun!


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