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Dimensional Space Gift Logistical Info Empty Dimensional Space Gift Logistical Info

Post by Excellen on Mon Oct 26, 2009 12:06 am

FROM: Genevieve May Nadia Lilianne
TO: Blaze of Glory Posting Board, Puño del Libertad Posting Board, Falls of Clyde Posting Board, Related Gatekeeper Mailing Lists
CC: Captain Ralf Derrison
BCC: Officer Kass Rooks, Captain Ethan Rooks, Captain Vincente Martinez, Officer Malcolm Freed

To whom may be concerned with the upcoming capital ship interdiction mission, the following information about the enemy's primary means of dimensional transportation has been confirmed through extensive testing based on historical data.

The Void's entire fleet relies upon the mystical Gift of Dimensional Space Magic to enable all of their dimensional transportation. The number of ships in the Void's fleet capable of independent jumps is extremely low. Unless the leader of the Void has been personally imbuing a greater number of ships than expected with a portion of his jump-capable Gift, it will require the leader's personal intervention to send reinforcements to the location we are expected to attack.

Based on prior experience with the Void, it has been found that the method most relied upon by the leader is to perform a single large-scale transport operation, rather than multiple piecemeal reinforcements. This effectively means two things. The first is that any wave of reinforcements sent will be large. The second is that if reinforcements do come, there will only be one wave.

Rather than concerning ourselves with dealing with the Void itself, it is my personal belief that it would be safer to concern ourselves with the interception of this dimensional transport. Given the nature of the Gift, and the time lag in its execution, it is entirely possible to execute a counterspell with a concerted effort from Captain Derrison with just one magic user providing backup. This should not require the same magical resource dedication as stopping a large-scale planetary implosion. It should also not require repeated attempts if the first is successful, if the amount of power we believe to be consumed by a single attempted fleet jump is accurate.

Should the Void itself surface in the course of the battle, we have at least one viable contingency option available. With Ness's teleportation capabilities, it should be possible to move any magic-capable personnel from other ships to the Blaze of Glory. This will make interrupting major spells such as Reven's signature planetary implosion much more feasible than it was on Seron with only one ship's personnel available.

Regarding Hysteria, the spell which cut off reinforcements from atmospheric entry on Seron, it has been determined that D-jumps are possible to perform through the spell's effects. So long as the D-drives of our ships remain intact and no unforeseen hazards arise, our escape routes should remain open.

This is all based on information dating back several months to the Siege of Seron, so the situation may have changed without our knowledge in the meantime. I will continue to post updates and discoveries here as they come up.


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