Operation Pipe Cleaning - Current Mission Info (Updated 5/2/10)

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Operation Pipe Cleaning - Current Mission Info (Updated 5/2/10) Empty Operation Pipe Cleaning - Current Mission Info (Updated 5/2/10)

Post by Excellen on Mon May 03, 2010 12:00 am

The situation as it stands: The Blaze of Glory is docked outside of Seattle, Washington, on an Earth analogue in Dimension 4021. The majority of Seattle was ruined by an indiscriminate bombing and assault robot attack which we stopped. The Blaze of Glory, the Falls of Clyde, and three other support ships are currently involved in recovery and relief efforts there.

Issues we face:
1) We have Damon Decantes in our custody. He is still under active pursuit from Void operatives including Verse Swiftblade and Sonya Arinborn.
2) We have been compromised twice now by information leaks in the course of contacting Damon, with the possibility of a third time. Enemy operatives have twice attacked us at points where they knew we would appear to meet with Damon.
3) Sirus and Sie Irons, our primary links to dealing with Damon, have disappeared, possibly as a third compromise where enemy operatives pursued them after Sirus spoke with our ship.
4) The Marshalship News Feed has someone possibly involved in this, who actively quelched news feed stories involving an anonymous tipster who compromised Damon's missions several times while he worked for the Void.
5) When Seattle was attacked, an enemy ship sent out a capture robot which had a Marshalship-issued control collar inside a containment cell.

Actions we're taking:

First: Minimal to no contact with Gatekeeper, CoRe, or the Marshalship, outside of what missions dictate. This is a standing guideline until the matter of the information leaks is safely resolved.

Second: We are taking a three or four-pronged approach to discovering our leaks, dubbed Operation Pipe Cleaning.

If anyone wishes to participate in any part of this effort, please post in this thread or contact Seiya Sumeragi privately.

Concerning actual missions:
A: Remote systems infiltration. We need leak-free information about multiple issues, including access logs pertaining to the Blaze of Glory's missions, tracking down of the rogue control collar to determine source location and accountability, and discovery of who Sirus and Sie Irons were in contact with prior to their sudden disappearance. This mission will involve an extremely delicate hacking operation, one which could land us in a serious amount of trouble if it is caught prematurely, either by CoRe themselves or by the leak we're pursuing.

Assigned so far: Challen (in charge), Dr. Shu Shirakawa, Crono Arinborn (Consultant), Damon Decantes (Reference)

B: Covert contact with the Marshalship News Feed Office. If there is something suspicious going on, we cannot afford to be seen dealing overtly with this office. But this is our best lead for information pertaining to Damon's leak and who kept it hidden. With proper discretion, we may be able to get reporters on our side who can aid us in discovering the truth. This mission will involve entering the news feed offices in disguise and discovering what we can.

Assigned so far: Zaeria Ceres (in charge), Hayate Arisu, Glen Ichimonji, Quatre Winner, Revia Bowen

C: Searching for a Great Weapon. These artifacts are powerful weapons made by Sirus Irons. They are capable of finding one another through some form of resonance. If we can locate one of these, it may be possible to locate Sirus and Sie Irons by the weapons they hold. If we can locate them, we can also locate the culprits behind their disappearance, and come closer to finding the source of at least one leak. This mission may involve visiting planets related to Sirus and Sie, such as Seron or Nexus.

Assigned so far: Crono Arinborn (in charge), Shaila Swiftblade, Anastasia (Tentative), Genevieve Arinborn Derrison, Nanoha Takamachi, Keona Tay'al

D: Tracking down a Marshalship Control Collar. For a piece of technology this proprietary to fall into the wrong hands without any alarms being raised has extremely unpleasant implications all around. It is imperative for us to discover how it was acquired, and hold all responsible parties accountable. This may involve visiting CoRe distribution centers or production plants, depending on what information we can find from infiltration first.

Assigned so far: Seiya Sumeragi (in charge), Anastasia (Tentative), Luciana Testarossa, Leyden Ceska, Tristan Cless

Again, please do not hesitate to volunteer if you have any skills to contribute. Combat skills, technical skills, and social skills can all be applied. Contact Seiya Sumeragi if you'd like to take part in any of these four above-listed projects.

-Seiya Sumeragi, Blaze of Glory Spiritual Consultant, Paranormal Operations Joint Field Commander

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Operation Pipe Cleaning - Current Mission Info (Updated 5/2/10) Empty Re: Operation Pipe Cleaning - Current Mission Info (Updated 5/2/10)

Post by Lucian on Mon May 03, 2010 11:36 am

From Nanoha:
I will lend my experience with tracking down magical artifacts to Dr. Arinborn's search.

From Lucy:
Count me in for tracking down the control collar source.

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Operation Pipe Cleaning - Current Mission Info (Updated 5/2/10) Empty Re: Operation Pipe Cleaning - Current Mission Info (Updated 5/2/10)

Post by Makaze on Mon May 03, 2010 10:24 pm

From Keona:
I would be most happy to lend my assistance in tracking down those...rather interesting artifact weapons.

From Leyden:
Tracking collar huh. May as well get my feet wet on that. Count me in.

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Operation Pipe Cleaning - Current Mission Info (Updated 5/2/10) Empty Re: Operation Pipe Cleaning - Current Mission Info (Updated 5/2/10)

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